Blue Movie Production Diary, Pt. 2

From The Desk of Co-Director Steve Cruz...

The inspiration for Blue Movie was to go back to a time when porn seemed to be more about real sex than performances… guys having a good time. That’s why my partner in crime Leif Gobo and I were so careful in the casting. It wasn’t enough to find hot guys for you to watch. We also had to find guys that wanted to work together. We feel the experiment paid off. Each scene has an electric chemistry that is real… hopefully it makes the movie hotter for you the fans to get into. In addition to casting huge stars like Zak Spears and other seasoned favorites like Dillon Buck and CJ Madison… we also wanted to find a few fresh faces to keep the cast exciting and new. Meet the new discoveries!

Introducing Colton Steele

Colton Steele’s photos came across my desk and the first thing I saw was myself- A younger, prettier version? My little Steve Herrington. I thought if I take him under my wing and teach him how to be a great performer I might have a young suck-sesser to take over my porn legacy. -LOL!! (thats a joke guys!) His scene with Dillon Buck almost made me jealous ;-), he got to ride the ‘Longhorn’ and he did it like seasoned pro. He’s a sweet kid and he’s sexy to watch. Take it from this old timer, I’ll sit back and live vicariously through his youth… and in time he just might steal my thunder, certainly he’s the kid to watch! Especially if you’re a Steve Cruz fan!

photo Joe Oppedisano

SC: For many this is the first time meeting you… describe yourself. How old are you? Your stats. Are you a top or bottom?
CS: i am 22 almost 23 years old, i’m a cornfed country boy, i consider myself just an average person and nothing really special cept my personality but obviously my ability in bed too, and i’m a btm boy,

SC: What was it like shooting a scene for Mustang?
CS: at first walking on set being the newcomer in a cast with all big names was intimidating, i havent had anything released yet and i was very nervous about making a good impression, but everyone was nice and of course i loveed that i got to make out with dillon for hours, it was a great experience and one that i’m glad i was privilaged enough to be apart of

SC: What are your favorite ‘Blue Movies’?
CS: well for a long time my favorite porn star was chase hunter, i’d have to say one of my favorite movies is i really dont know i’ve seen so many chi chi oral exam was really cool

SC: What led you to jump in bed with the porn industry?
CS: well i got into the porn industry cause i have always thought it would be the coolest job, it took along time to get here, i had tried for along time but got rejected because of my weight and i eventually lost the weight and was found on myspace, i got my start on a small website called adamcruise, and chaosmen, and the big stuff came in through fabscout

SC: You have the face of an angel? Are you really as sweet as you look or is there a bad boy lurking underneath that baby face?
CS: there is a bad boy underneath my sweet look, i’ve always been the good boy and thats just what everyone assumes when they meet me is i’m the golden child because of my manners, but i’m wild and crazy mostly behind closed doors and well now in front of the camera, hopefully people will get the chance to see but for now its best to let them fantasize bout me being a good boy…..

SC: What is the kinkiest thing you’d like to do for an audience?
CS: dont know really maybe get pissed on or dont really know i havent ever really thought about that one. we’ll see

Introducing Adam Herst

I met Adam at my gym. He was naked in front of a locker and I have a weakness for hung blondes. Turns out we was also a filthy pig in the sack. The Abecrombie jock boy next door who likes likes to get pissed on? HOT! So that got my wheels spinning. Turns out he was just Zak Spears cup of tea as well, a perfect fit for the Rec Room scene three way (also starring Dillon Buck). And if you’re a watersports fan, the director’s cut of this scene will be available for pre-release exclusively on Adam, he’s something beautiful to watch… and no doubt the fans are all ready assembling!

photo Joe Oppedisano

SC: For many this is the first time meeting you… describe yourself. How old are you? Your stats. Are you a top or bottom?
AH: 33yo caucasian (Finnish/Swedish), 5′ 9.5″, 180#, blond/blue, some scars – on my cheeks from fights and neck from spine surgery, two recycling tattoos, leg press 900#s, top-versatile pig. I have an MBA, but I have a lot more fun doing this than using that. If you want to know what it is I’m into recycling, watch the web scenes for this movie and check out the Joe P pix!!!

SC: You’ve done some web only scenes for Hot House, this is your first real movie. What was it like shooting your first movie? Is it what you expected?
AH: It was so much fun, though I was SORE for a while afterwards. Dillon and Zak – they’re VERY BIG. They wanted to DP me, but I just couldn’t. Yet. They were nice and sweet to me to warm me up. Then they just ripped me apart. AWESOME!

SC: What led you to jump in bed with the porn industry?
AH: I met you, Steve Cruz. I think that answers all those questions. Hot hot hot hot hot.

SC: “My ideal scene partner would be…”
AH: Steve Cruz, Colton Steele… Oh, and any red head, like Blu Kennedy.

Behind The Scenes
Here are some behind the scenes shots, most of these are taken with my little elph… the standard Steve Cruz shots. You know them well. Gotta make the job fun!

tooling around off camera: Dillon and Colton

At the monitors…

with Colton Steele

I’ll be posting the next entry November 15th, even more interviews, exclusive behind the scenes and more!


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