Malibu Heat – The Jarics Flip!

San Francisco, CA – November 11th, 2008

Falcon Studios announced today the web-scene pre-release of ‘Aden Tops Jordan’ from the upcoming Falcon Studios film, “Malibu Heat”. To date Falcon Exclusive Couple Aden & Jordan Jaric have appeared in four Falcon films all with Jordan topping Aden. Die-hard fans of the Exclusive couple have been requesting an ‘Aden Tops Jordan’ scene since shortly after their debut in “Endless Crush”, but the couple has strategically held out until now.

The couple commented, “Ever since the launch of our blog – – we have received more requests than we can count for us to change positions. We always intended on switching – and possibly doing some other things – but wanted to space it all out through the term of our contract so fans would always have something to look forward to.” The ‘Aden Tops Jordan’ scene will be available on-line at November 21st and on DVD December 9th

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