That Crazy Bruno – Sacha Baron Cohen Uses Real Gay Porn Stars For Next Film

Courtesy of our friends over at “The Sword”..

In a development that is thrilling the gay porn world to its easily thrilled, cum-filled core this morning, Sacha Baron Cohen and the producers of the upcoming ‘Bruno’ movie enlisted real life gay porn stars Tyler Saint and Tony Capucci for an orgy scene in the film.

The two were chosen from a list of ten stars willing to do full frontal nudity, according to Fleshbot and The NY Daily News (who, may, given the Daily News use of them, be getting billing under their real names). Cohen previously used a photo of porn star Stonie (now known as trans star Brittany Coxxx) as his “son” in Borat.

While we’ve seen plenty of Tyler and Tony in the buff (for reference, please see Mustang’s Vanished and Falcon’s Best Men: Part 1) we’re looking forward to all of Bruno’s Yes on 8 rally-crashing and airport-terrorizing antics shot for the film, the full title of which “Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male.


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