Blue Movie Production Diary, Pt. 3

Courtesy of Director and Friend, Steve Cruz

Part 3— The Biker Scene

Box Cover Preview: Graphic Artist, Mark at Falcon kicks ass!Blue Movie is a porn movie about shooting a porn movie. Three of the four scenes are set on porn sets inspired by my favorite moments in classic movies. You have seen previews of Scene 1 and Scene 4. This entire entry is a preview of Scene 2— a nasty, sweaty exchange between two bikers. One of my favorite moments in classic porn comes from Jim French’s iconic pairing of Killer Joe and Butch Barnes. Nick Piston and Nick Moretti tap into that piggy energy like no one else can. The scene is unrelenting from the rock hard beginning until their sweat drenched cum shots!

Introducing Nick Piston

This hot tattooed fucker I have been a fan of for yeeeeears! True Confession I had him as my computer wallpaper forever. I forced an introduction on the red carpet at GAYVNs this year. I bet he and his BF of the time, Johnny Gunn thought I was a freak! I requested him for my cast in Hotter Than Hell but he wasn’t available 🙁 He would have been a perfect minion of Satan! My pushiness aside we became fast friends and he remains one of my favorite people but for personal reasons! I second I had an opportunity to cast him I did. He’s perfect type of slut for the type of scene I wanted on the back of a motorcycle… dirty, filthy, piggy… he just couldn’t get enough.

photo Joe Oppedisano

SC: Describe your scene in Blue Movie, what should viewers expect.
NP: Its a really simple scene. Classic formula. My favorite. A hot big dicked daddy type, a harley, and me getting nailed. You can expect some actual genuine chemistry and us fucking like we mean it….. Cuz we do.

SC: I am a huge fan of your body – um I mean body work, pick out 3 tattoos that have meaning and talk about them.
NP: LOL. I’m a huge fan of ur body….. Work too. I always shy away from tattoo talk. Its extremely personal. My left sleeve is all elements and subtle occult symbols. It represents my beliefs, faith…whatever u wanna call it. The crown on my throat is the latin meaning of my (birth) namessake. The spade on my face is the mark of a tarot suit.

SC: Its hard to believe a hot fucker like you is single. Off camera… What kind of guy gets your Pistons fired up?
NP: Am I single? No one told me. Its all so complicated. Off camera I like guys who are sweet and silly. Flowers and tiny gestures are what win me over. The rest is all up to chemistry, no set criteria. But big boys with tattoos….yum.

SC: You’ve probably worked with a lot of photographers in the span of your career. What was it like working with Joe Oppedisano?
NP: I have definately worked with a lot of great photographers over the years. This was the most fun I’ve had in a long time though. Its a privelage to be shot by someone of joes caliber. He’s an artist, capturing the whole of masculinity like no one else. My work celebrates the form and essence of male sexuality. Couldn’t be a better fit.

SC: Do you watch much porn? What is your favorite ‘blue movie’?
NP: I’ve never really watched much porn. I like the old school stuff the most. Spokes, closed set….crazy hot.

SC: You’ve had a long career and its still going strong…

So let’s fast forward 7 more years… where do we find you? what will you be up to? still making movies?

A long career? I guess so. Is it still going strong? Well, its going anyways.
Seven years huh? Yikes. I hope you’ll find me with a lover, a house, and a job that I love where I actually wear clothes. I don’t know about movies. That’s a long time to expect people to still be watching me. Porn is in my blood though….so who knows.

Introducing Nick Moretti

I fell for Nick Moretti in Link:The Evolution. I wanted to be Bo Matthews for a day in that Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti sandwich! We met last year at White Party and he’s been a crush object ever since. He’s dark, handsome, hung and sweet. Everything I love. And he’s a terrific top… he drills Nick Piston like a pro in one of the hottest scenes of the movie. The chemistry between these guys was on fire!

photo Joe Oppedisano

SC: Describe your scene in “Blue Movie”…what do fans have to look forward to?
NM: A hot motorcycle, an even hotter biker punk (Nick Piston), lots of sucking and fucking, and me just loving every minute of it. To say that Nick and I hit it off would be a huge understatement. We practically devoured each other. He definitely deserves an award for “best blow job” for his performance in this scene. And the fucking was long, hard and HOT! No Cirque du Soleil positions here. Just good old fashioned hardcore pounding. Who wouldn’t like that? For the record… this is by far the favorite scene I’ve fillmed so far in my porn career.

SC: You have some gorgeous tattoos, pick out a few and tell me about them.
NM: All of my tattoos have so much personal meaning to me.
– The Koi 1/2 sleeve on my right upper arm is a cover-up of my first tattoo (an eagle I got back in the early 80’s). It marks the successful passage through a really tough time.
– I got the Dragon tattoo on my right forearm in honor of my mom when she died a couple of years ago. She was the Original Dragon! LOL!
– The Tribal tattoo on my left bicep, which I designed myself, is probably my favorite. It has a peaceful, Ying-Yang type of center protected by a strong and primative shell. Kind of like me.
– I’d rather not talk about the little devil on my stomach. LOL.

SC: You’ve done your share of leather scenes and kink play on screen. Do you consider your self kinky? Talk about your fetishes off camera…

NM: Funny, up until about 3 years ago I was probably one of the most “vanilla” people you could meet. Now… Ya, I guess I¹m kinky. The more confident and secure I am the further I seem to explore that side of myself.
I definitely have a soft spot (or is it a wet spot?) for water sports.
Thanks to some of my recent film work, I¹ve been really getting into some BDSM play off camera. First as a dominant and now starting to explore the submissive side. Should be interesting to see where that goes.

SC: Do you watch much porn? What is your favorite “blue movie” ?

NM: I do watch quite a bit of porn. I guess my favorite “blue movie” is probably “The Abduction Series” from Falcon. It was 3 parts “The Abduction”, “The Conflict” and “Redemption” and was about guys getting abducted by big nasty prison guards and forced to have sex. My favorite scene was when prisoner Rob Cryston is peeling potatoes in the galley and is forced to give a blow job to one of the burly guards in exchange for passing on a note to someone outside the prison. Of course the guard throws the note away the minute he gets his load off. Till this day, I still get hard every time I peel a potato.

SC: Is there anyone on your hot list of performers you’d still like to work with?
NM: Hell yes! Jake Deckard, Johnny Hazzard, Ricky Sinz, Tamas Eszterhzy, Logan McCree, and definitely Steve Cruz. I’m sure there are at least a dozen more tattooed bad boys I could think of. Does that make me a whore?

SC: “My most prized possession is my…”

NM: Hmmm… that’s a hard one. I want to say my dog but I think when it comes down to it, I’m her possession. I guess it would be a toss up between my iPhone and my pickup truck.

Behind The Scenes
Here are some behind the scenes shots, most of these are taken with my little elph… the standard Steve Cruz shots. You know them well. Gotta make the job fun!

Killer Joe’s Honcho Cover October 1981

Steve’s original set illustrations

I’ll be posting the final entry December 8th: even more interviews, exclusive behind the scenes and more! Can’t get enough Blue Movie? Check out my partner Leif Gobo’s production blog, Click here!


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