Falconstudios.com Debuts “Blue Movie” Web-Only Watersports Scene

San Francisco, CA – November 19th, 2008

Falcon Entertainment announced today the release of its first web-only extended directors cut scene from the upcoming Mustang Studios film, “Blue Movie”. The scene was strategically filmed so that a watersports three-some between Zak Spears, Dillon Buck and Adam Herst could be edited for an exclusive web-only release. The DVD and on-line full length versions of “Blue Movie” will not contain the watersports footage. After securing Herst for their cast, directors Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo knew they had to include his passion for watersports in their big three-way closing scene.

Directors Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo jointly commented, “Falcon had been pre-releasing high profile scenes on-line from Falcon films so we wanted to contribute something from “Blue Movie” and Mustang that would kick that concept up a notch. When planning “Blue Movie” we had originally intended on doing a watersports scene but sidelined the idea when we realized it wasn’t going to fit into Falcon’s traditional DVD distribution channels. When we suggested they pre-release the watersports footage as a web-only scene we got a big ‘yes’ and from there we revived our watersports scene.”

The watersports scene from “Blue Movie” is significant since this will be the first-ever watersports scene from Falcon Entertainment. Falcon’s Director of Promotion commented, “This scene and the way it is being offered is groundbreaking for Falcon Entertainment since prior to “Blue Movie” Falcon has only scratched the surface of the watersports fetish. Films like “Deception” and “Shock” came close but neither featured a full on watersports scene. This will also be Falcon Entertainment’s first extended director’s cut scene in which availability will be web-only and not offered on the DVD or on-line version of the film.”
The scene, titled “Web-Only Watersports Scene – Mustang’s “Blue Movie” will be available Wednesday, November 26th at www.falconstudios.com.

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