The Joys of “Super Jock” and Wesson Oil

Not since Lola Montes dazzled the hungry masses with her dancing the Tarantella, has there been a performance so committed or compelling than Michael Delfino and his bottle of Wesson oil. This isn’t exactly what Florence Henderson had in mind when she spoke of the virtues of the vegetable oil, but If she had, maybe sales would have skyrocketed!

This amazing action scene is a definite classic from the Falcon archives – “Super Jocks” (FVP044) – and will be released online December 2nd. It features Mike Delfino back in the days when models appeared in all their natural and rough-edged glory. Nothing beats watching big-haired Mike as he lubricates himself all over, then rides the naugahyde bedspread like a Whammo slip-and-slide. He wiggles and shimmies all over, beating his meat and fingerfucking his hairy asshole ‘til he finally climaxes and cums. This is slick!

P.S. From a Wesson site regarding “Household Uses for Wesson Vegetable Cooking Oil” – Tip #3 states “Many people also use Wesson Oil for more intimate moisturizing needs.” I wonder if Alice knew about this. Hmmm. Or better yet, Mr. Brady and the boys!

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