Tristan Jaxx: Gay Porn Star Spotlight

Its time once again to showcase another sexy Falcon stud… Did you want to know more about the super-hung Puerto Rican top, Tristan Jaxx, that we announced back in September? If so, you’re in luck. We threw a handful of raunchy questions his way, and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

Tristan Jaxx

Click the cut to learn about how he loves it rough, his aspirations for when he’s done with porn, and more hot exclusive photos!

Falcon: First of all, lets get some digits out there for everyone to drool over. What are you packin’?

Tristan: I have a fat 9″ x 6.5″ Puerto Rican cock.

F: Yea, you’re gonna be popular. Where are you from?

T: Boston.

F: You really worked Mason Wyler hard in your scene from Endless Crush (FVP179). That a specialty of yours?

T: Oh yeah.. The first guy I fucked was back when I was 18. It was my 1st year at Dartmouth, and he was a quarterback. I gave it to him hard and without lube…we broke the bed! That was my first taste of the really rough, nasty stuff I’m into now.

Tristan Jaxx

F: So aside from hot quarterbacks, are there any other big turn-ons or fetishes that really get you going?

T: I have a total butt fetish. Nothing can get me as hot as a bottom with a hot muscle ass.

F: Where are you residing right now? Still in Boston?

T: Nope! San Francisco.

Tristan Jaxx

F: We’ve mentioned before that you’re really into music. What are your plans with that?

T: Its a dream of mine to become a major club DJ. My favorite influences would have to be Ralph Rosario, Abel, Tony Moran, and Offer Nissam.

F: Fab! Is there a way for your fans to get in touch with you?

T: Yep, I have a MySpace, and I actually update it. Tell people to add me at

F: Done!

Tristan Jaxx

Tristan Jaxx can already be seen in Endless Crush (FVP179) out on DVD, as well as in a steamy FalconTV performance he filmed with Wolf Hudson. Keep your eyes open for more of this olive skinned power top in the as-yet-untitled FVP181, scheduled for release in early `08!

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  1. Joyously

    August 15, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Tristan you are the most exciting one to watch. I’m a Senior
    Citizen, I would love to have a chance to Kiss that rugged face
    and swing on that beautiful tool. Don’t be fool by the name I’m a
    horny guy.

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