Blue Movie Production Blog, Pt. 4

From the desk of Steve Cruz… this is it guys… the final installment!

Blue Movie is a porn movie about shooting a porn movie. This scene is where real life meets fantasy. Our porn star, CJ Madison, is back stage working himself up to a hard on while the crew is behind him waiting. A dirty-hot Scott Campbell is a crew guy willing to help out… and then things get carried away! It’s another smoking hot scene. ‘Blue Movie’ releases later this month. Get your copy at

(Click the cut for interviews and more, all straight from Steve himself)

CJ Madison

I fell for CJ Madison on the set of ‘Drifter’. We shot that one back in 2007 for Mustang. He was shooting his stills outside while I was filming my scene inside, I would go out every so often and see if he needed fluffing. Thank God he did! He gives a great performance in Blue Movie, fucks like a champion.

photo Joe Oppedisano

SC: Describe your scene in ‘Blue Movie”… what happens…
CJ: In my scene I play myself waiting off on the side of a porn set waiting for the Director to call me on. I see a technician and have him cum over and fluff me!!!

SC: You’ve done your share of movies over the years… and you’re a great performer. Tell me about the best time you had on a porn set? What made it fun/hot?

CJ: Working on Verbotem pt2 was a blast, i worked with Hot House Exclusive Dillon Crow and we had a chemistry that made me forget where I was and I was just enjoying some hot sex with a hot dude!

SC: Its your first time working with Joe Oppedisano… what was it like?
CJ: Wow, he was so great to work with I loved his taste for the “dirtier” side of things! He enabled me to go to that place for him and not even think twice!

SC: Getting personal, do you find its hard to balance your personal life with your public persona. Do you date? Do boyfriends get jealous?
CJ: YES YES YES, funny its been on my mind lately, sepearting CJ and my personal life, walking around town you feel like you have to be on becuase people know who you are, going out to the bars there is no more annonimty and you have to play up to the image people expect of you. I dont go out much to be honest anymore, and boyfriends either say they understand and they dont or they expect you to leave the buisness for them. Im dating another pornstar at the moment, life is easier!

SC: “If I wasn’t a porn performer, I’d most likely be a…”
CJ: Hairstylist…. oh wait I am….lol
SC: I know I’d love to have that package brush up against my arm in the barber chair! I think its time to change stylists.

Scott Campbell

I needed a filthy pig to play this ‘role’ of the Fluffer. A hot fucker with a rough edge. The type that just might troll around a porn set looking for opportunities… found the ultimate sex pig in Scott. He could rival my appetite! What’s true about Scott: You fuck him hard and he whimpers— “more”. You fuck him even harder, he begs for it… it doesn’t get much harder and bigger than CJ Madison. His come shot is pretty intense with CJ deep inside him, but that doesn’t satisfy him. In fact we had several cum shots to choose from in the can, only one made the final cut. He’s not a porn star he’s a sex machine!

photo Joe Oppedisano

SC: Describe your scene in ‘Blue Movie’… what happens…
Scott: My scene starts with me cleaning a big nasty load of cum off a hot Harley motorcycle on the set of a porn when CJ Madison comes onto his set to get his cock worked up. I can feel his eyes on me, on my ass, so I look over to see him stroking that big piece of meat a couple times and of course end up on my knees with him in my throat. CJ & I had hot nasty chemistry and I’m sure you’ll feel it too when you see Blue Movie.

SC: You no doubt have a long career ahead of you…is there anyone specific in the industry that you’re hot to work with?

Scott: There are actually two fresh in my mind, Adam Herst who was my roomie during the movie and after seeing your fucking hot body hair, you.
SC: You’re on!

SC: What led you to jump in bed with the porn industry?

Scott: came into Kansas City, I did an amateur gig for their website, after my first scene they told me I should do professional work. The guys hooked me up with the director of Falcon’s Jocks line and soon after I had a few more films lined up for Mustang, Dirty Bird Pictures and Raging Stallion Studios.

SC: Do you watch much porn? What is your favorite ‘Blue Movie”?
Scott: I’m making porn so I don’t have much time to be watching it but when I do beat it by myself my favorite movie lately has been Ink Storm with Logan, Steve, Jake & the other Screaming Eagle/Raging Stallion boys.

SC: I cast you because you have such a hot and filthy look… a fantasy I have of you as the ultimate pig! is it true?
Scott: Quite possible, I think I’m still coming into my sexuality so you’ll just have to wait and see…Put me with a really physically aggressive scene partner that can take a good fist to chest and return the favor and you’ll see some craziness. Love to flip flop, love a hot bent over bubble ass to pound and most importantly he’s gotta have mad kissing skills and a big cock.

SC: If I were an animal I’d be…
Scott: A horse or a pig… The horse is well, horse hung, who wouldn’t want that? But a pig has a 30 minute orgasm.
SC: I rest my case!

Behind The Scenes
Here are some behind the scenes shots, most of these are taken with my little elph… the standard Steve Cruz shots. You know them well. Gotta make the job fun!

The chemistry on set can’t be contained

This behind the scenes could have been taken in the 70s.

CJ Madison over…

CJ Madison under…

‘Blue Movie’ is in stores later this month. But don’t wait… pre-order your copy today online! Click here to order.

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