Seed Money Director Mike Stabile on His Favorite Vintage Falcon Films

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When filmmaker Mike Stabile started work on his documentary, Seed Money, about Falcon founder Chuck Holmes, he was faced with a challenge that many would kill to have: researching Holmes and nearly 40 years of Falcon’s top quality erotic films. In advance of the documentary’s LA premiere at Outfest 13 on July 19, we sat down with Stabile and asked him to tell us some of his favorite vintage Falcon films and their relevance to Falcon’s history. His top 5, below:


The Crush (2000)

“When I first got into the business, I snuck a press copy of The Crush and I was hooked. A lot of people don’t remember how expensive films were before the internet. VHS and DVD ranged from $69.95 and $89.95, so mostly it was just magazines and rentals. But ‘The Crush I held onto — in fact, I still have it. Travis Wade and Colby Taylor play high school best friends who reunite after several years. Colby comes out to him, and Travis freaks out. It was I could relate to, though few of us are lucky enough to have a high school crush as accommodating and hung as Travis.”

in your wildest dreams

In Your Wildest Dreams (1989)

“The premise is that there’s a service in San Francisco that you can call that fulfills your dreams — and since this is San Francisco, most of it involves heavy assplay. It’s like a who’s who of Falcon’s best — Kevin Williams, Chad Douglas, Scott O’Hara, Eric Manchester. There’s a scene at the end in a doctor’s office with extreme dildo play and fisting that they couldn’t distribute, since fisting videos could get you busted during the Reagan administration. But if you were a Falcon customer and they trusted you, they’d send you the uncensored version.”


Spring Break (1988)

“Most people remember the theme song — this was in the era when major Falcon releases had their own custom music with lyrics, like a sitcom. It’s fantastic. I sing it all the time. But it’s also an excellent movie. Very of the time, like an 80s cartoon about evil preppies come to life. Except, of course, they have gay sex.”

the other side of aspen

The Other Side of Aspen (1978)

“The whole Aspen series is excellent, but it’s hard to top the first, because it was such a turning point for Falcon. This is the movie that really set them ahead of the pack, and one that’s kept them there for years. It’s got Dick Fisk, who is my all-time favorite Falcon star, Al Parker and Casey Donovan, in a cabin in (spoiler alert!) Tahoe. Most of it was shot on the fly — the guys were very naturally sexual, and it was the late 70s, so many of the scenes just sort of happened. It’s got a scene at the end where they all gang up on Casey Donovan. It’s so raw and raunchy, I don’t know if there’s much that can top it.”


Style (1983)

“This was my favorite discovery of the whole project. I don’t think many people remember ‘Style, but in an interview with John Summers, he mentioned it as hugely influential for the industry, and I went and found it. It’s stunning. The beginning of the Falcon aesthetic, the shift from mustaches to clean, blonde gods. It was styled by Bruce Weber’s assistant, so the entire look is flawless. And the sex — oh man! My favorite is this poolside scene with Art Williams and Tim Kramer with a double-penetration that is beyond belief.”


For tickets to the Outfest screening, click here. For a list of upcoming screenings from Philadelphia to Dublin, click here. You can also follow Seed Money on Facebook for updates on how to see the film no matter where you live.


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  1. Ryan

    July 3, 2015 at 11:38 am

    Once this makes the rounds through the movie festival circuit, please Please PLEASE release it on DVD. I’m a big time Falcon fan but I live nowhere near these places. Thanks guys!

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