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Part 1—

Red Light is the second installment in the color box series that I conceived and directed with my partner in crime Leif Gobo. We pick up where we left off with Blue Movie… exploring the other side of the sex trade— male escorts. Each scene involves a fantasy peek into the life.

Diesel Washington

photo Joe Oppedisano

Diesel was on the short list of stars I wanted to work with and was originally considered for Blue Movie, but when I started putting Red Light together, he was a much better fit for this project. Scene 4 was created for just him and he met me half way co-collaborating his character and his moves. Where to begin? I wanted a pimped out character looking to brake in his new boy, using rewards of mad cash to push him through every boundary. This movie has a wild sense of humor, but it also has some slamming sex! And if sex is the medium, then Diesel is a true artist in every sense of the word. He’s a one of a kind performer: Tireless, acrobatic, inventive and always hard and ready to go. Let’s face it, the man knows how to throw a fuck… and keep you enthralled the whole time. He even brought his own cash rolled up with rubber bands to heighten the realism of his scene. Talk about 100% commitment to his craft! Big D you blow my mind!

SC: How did you get your start in porn? How were you discovered?
DW: I always wanted to do Porn, I sent out my Pics to a few companies hoping for a response. An East Producer cast me in His Auditions series, I walked away from the experience not happy. 1 year later I decided to give Porn another try. Sent out my Pics again, This time I worked out my body as best as I could. And then I got my Big break when Brian Mills took me under his wing. I owe alot to Brian Mills. Thats a True story!!!

SC: In life you escort, but in your scene you are paying for sex. Role reversal. How was that for you? Did you draw on any life experience to get into character?
DW: In real Life I escort(among other things I do)Its funny I even Won the Best Fetish Escort of 2008 by So when Steven Cruz pitched the idea of the Movie to me, I was excited to play against character. I like to show a wide range of characters that I can do, I’m a Performer by heart. I used the character “The Big Boss” for the movie, he’s a cross between a Pimp and Player/Hustler. Just another character that I created like Diesel Washington.

SC: In my opinion you are too often underestimated or undervalued as a performer. Few people truly appreciate how creative you are on a set. Where do you come up with these crazy sex positions? Is your sex life at home as excited and exhaustive?
DW: Do I feel like I’m underestimated or undervalued as a performer…….. ???Hell Yes!!! but I like it that way. It just makes me want to work harder to keep proving to people I’m in this game for Keeps!!!! Its a slow process but the more movies I do, the more I get to show to the Industry and Fans. Even though I might not be “Ur Type”(to some people) I’m exciting to watch nevertheless.. As far as the positions, I’m a Fan of Porn as well, I get tired of seeing the same positions over and over. I want to see something New and Wild. So Instead of bitching and complaining that porn all looks the same. I wanted to bring some New things into the Mix. And my Home Sex Life is so boring, I really live through the movies, That’s why I work so hard on my Scenes. Some of the Best Sex I’ve had was on set with the Hottest guys and I’m getting paid for it which still amazes me . LOL!

SC: You get A LOT of heat from the classification of animal I like to call the ‘porn blog haters’. Unlike porn fans who’s criticism usually comes from their opinion of the porn they watch and purchase. ‘Porn blog haters’ just comment on the photo in front of them. Most likely they don’t even watch or buy the porn they comment about. Most are pretty open about they fact they have no respect at all for the people in the industry… hence their designation ‘Porn Blog Haters’. You have been called everything from a ‘stereotype’ to an ‘angry black man’. How do you deal with ‘haters’?
DW: Ahhh the Haters!!! I really do Love them, Ur totally right about them not buying the movies or paying for the downloads. They often leave comments to demean ya and make ya feel bad. But I have learned to embrace the haters!! At this point of my Life, I’m more worried when I don’t have any haters. The Haters are the ones, that push me to work harder and harder. The more Hate I get from them the more energy they feed me to push harder. And the term “Angry Black Man” is so retarded to me, The people that came up with the term “Angry Black Man” are probably the Same people that came up with “White Trash” and “Wigger” its stupid sounding and ignorant.

SC: On your blog and in past interviews you’ve brought up the issue of racism in the industry and how there are too few top stars that are African American. Do you think racism exists in the industry? and if so, is the issue a problem in casting or do you think it’s the consumer that makes us stars? What in your opinion needs to change?
DW: Racism in the Industry that’s a hard subject, while I don’t think the Companies are the problem, I think they play a part in it. Consumers have preferences, which is understandable. Twink/Bear/Muscle/Jock. But its the responsibility of the Companies to market to a Larger Audience(ie u make more money) times are changing and I think the Fans and Viewers want to see an array of Men of all types. When a Movie idea comes and then u need to cast for the film I don’t think they have Black and White roles, its just two hot guys fucking. Or at least that’s the way it should be.LOL I can see Diesel Washington playing a doctor why not? Its a Movie!!! As long as u have the basics of being a Porn star (Dick/Ass/Body/Handsome or Cute any of the combinations)it shouldn’t matter the color of Ur skin. I could talk all day about this subject Next!!!

SC: On screen you play it tough and hard, your sexual style is dominant and in control at all times. Is Diesel, the character, based on your real life experience? Is your private self really that hard or is their another side to you?
DW: My onscreen Sexual style is very aggressive, behind closed doors……I will Admit that I’m a Big Teddy Bear. I still pound away at some Ass but what U don’t see in the movies, is the cuddling afterwards and making out. Big Time Cuddlier. And I don’t think I’m hard or mean, I laugh and have fun like everybody else. But of course, Im human and have problems like everybody else.

SC: Does Diesel, the man, ever fall in love?
DW: Oh yes!!! Still in Love right now, I was in a 4 year relationship that ended but we remain friends to this day. That was intense burin Love!!! But being in Porn hurt that relationship. So I’m Single now!!! I just dive into work right now.


Scene Three:
Leo Giamani pulls into a garage in his Mustang Convertible looking to pick up a trick. He’s heard that this is the spot, the lot just outside the gym, where you can find a hot body builder who willing to service a lot more than your car.

Leo Giamani

photo Joe Oppedisano

Words are wasted on Leo Giamani. They inadequately describe just how stunning he is, and photos come close so I’m going to let pictures tell the story. To really appreciate him you need to meet him in person. And get this guys… he’s also totally down to earth, zero attitude. Just a nice guy with a sweet personality, I can’t say enough good about him.

SC: How did you get your start in porn? How were you discovered?
LG: I was searching for modeling jobs online and was approached from a scout for Jake Cruise in Philadelphia

SC: In ‘Red Light’ you pay Vince Ferelli to have sex. In life, have you ever really hired an escort? Would you?
LG: I have not hired an escort in real life, but would love the fantasy

SC: Most of your experience has been web broadcast ‘amateur’ style scenes, now you are making the move into bigger movie projects. Personally speaking which is more fun to make and amateur scene or a movie? What are the challenges?
LG: There are great things about both. I feel an amateur scene can be a more natural and you can see more of the model’s personality I do enjoy the final product of a movie but it can be physically and emotionally draining on the model.

SC: Your body is incredible… I had a hard on the whole time I was directing you. Is easy to see why you got so popular so fast. So how do you keep in shape? Are you a natural or do you have to work at it? Share with us some of your routine…
LG: I do feel I have good genetics, but I work really hard at my body. I have a very strict diet and limit my sugar and salt intake. I also try to eat 5 times a day and take in 200-300 grams of protein. I weight train at least five days a week for 1-1.5 hrs. In addition, I do poweryoga and sprints. I plan on redcuing my body fat even further. I plan on doing sprints 5 times a week in the morning on an empty stomach to burn fat from the previous day. I also will eliminate any type of starch. This includes bread, pasta, and white rice.

SC: Getting personal, sexually speaking what do enjoy most? What really gets you excited? At home, are you more a player or a romantic?
LG: I am very open sexually. I enjoy kissing and foreplay. It really turns me on seeing my partner excited and when their eyes roll in the back of their head.
I have been a player, but as I am getting more mature, I am more of a romantic. I do enjoy cooking and great conversation.

SC: Life outside of porn. Tell us about the man off camera… what do you do with your time. What are you into?
LG: I try to be positive and enjoy life in everything I do. I love being adventurous and spontaneous. I am open to do almost anything. Also, I love cooking and everything involved with it. This includes, farmer’s markets, butches, and fish markets.
I also love traveling and fine dining. I want to travel the world and plan on learning french and italian in 2009

SC: Finish this statement… ‘If I wasn’t a porn star I’d most like be a…
LG: Doctor. I still might pursue my MD. I feel I have a brilliant mind and am limiting its capability.

Hot Shots
Vince Ferelli

Scene Three continued…
It’s known that horny guys come into the parking lot from time to time and are willing to pay a hot bodybuilder for a little action. Maybe he’s down on his luck, or maybe he needs some extra cash for ‘supplements’. Either way, when hot and hung Leo Giamani comes driving into the lot… he’s more than up for a pre-workout sweat in the back seat.

Behind The Scenes

Diesel and I fight over his scene rate… not!

Leo and Vince deep in the action

Red Light will be available mid February for pre-order and direct download on Falcon’s member website. The next installment of the Red Light Production Blog continues January 15th.



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    steve you’re so lucky to had sex with Leo!!!!I felt in love with him!!! Red Light will arrive in France the 3th of march and I so excited to see it!!!! french kisses and more!!!

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