“Asylum” Production Diary Day 3

from the desk of John Bruno

Today was an odd day – I think the hospital ‘ghosts’ were playing games with us – lights were going on and off, doors were banging in places we couldn’t see and I swear there were forces that all of a sudden made me accident prone. In all my excitement I slipped on a sheet of glass and I fell pretty hard on my knee and thigh. Then I bashed my skull on one of the heavy metal medical lamps – OUCH – now THAT was painful! I was pretty much popping Tylenol for the rest of the day. There were some odd technical difficulties and a few other minor accidents but no one was seriously injured and the sex was utterly amazing today.

The first sex scene we shot was with Falcon Exclusive TJ Hawke and superstar Dominic Pacifico. TJ plays an evil scientist and performs some very unethical experiments on Dominic’s sweet ass. We shoved all these IV tubes with colored liquid up Dominic’s ass – he was a total trooper during this shoot! There was obvious sexual chemistry between TJ and Dominic from the very start – TJ was so into Dominic that he finally agreed to eat some ass on film for the first time! This is something TJ has never done on film and he rarely does outside of porn so TJ Hawke fans have something new to watch for!
(I do have to note that TJ had an accident too and hurt himself during this scene. I was pretty sure we would not be able to finish the scene but TJ put the pain aside and finished the scene like a true champ. So, a big ass THANK YOU to TJ. I think most performers would have called it quits.)

So after we wrapped that scene we started shooting a sex scene with Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz – I have never worked with either performer so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Diesel plays a nasty hospital security guard that taunts and fucks the hell out of Ryan who plays a crazy sex toy obsessed patient. Diesel delivered some of the best dialogue I have ever heard – he’s an amazing actor. However – during the shoot he fucked Ryan so hard that I truly got worried for him – but Ryan is a piggy bottom and handled all that power fucking like a pro.

I’m totally beat now. Today was a long day for everyone and tomorrow is the last day of the shoot. We are shooting Leo Giamani and Erik Rhodes tomorrow and I can hardly wait – Leo and Erik together will be amazing! I was lucky enough to shoot Leo for my website www.massivestudio.com before he signed as an Exclusive for www.randyblue.com and the man just seethes sex.

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