“Red Light” Production Blog – Part 3

straight from the desk of Steve Cruz

Scene One
He’s a power player at a fortune 500 company. At work he’s in total control of his game. Most of the time he’s wound up pretty tight…so when its time to cut loose, he’s willing to pay top dollar for a muscle bound stud to fuck him into submission. He’s looking for a total release of power and control. And he’s met his match in Tyler Saint.

Look for the pre-release director’s cut of this scene available February 12th!

After the jump – interviews with newcomer Bruno Bond, porn superstar Tyler Saint and behind-the-scenes photos….

Newcomer Bruno Bond

SC: OK, for your new fans out there let’s revisit how you got your start?
BB: It all started with Myspace. I sent you a friend request and you responded with a note that said something about making room in your king size bed for me. That began a correspondence that we had going on for several months. Later I sent a friend request to Chi Chi LaRue who sent a note back that said “yummy pic!”. This put an idea in my head that if these two porn icons were interested then maybe I would have a chance in the business. I had been working out pretty hardcore for a couple of years and wanted to celebrate my hard work. Late in the Summer, my friend Chris asked me if I wanted to be a go go daddy at the Eagle. I was flattered and thought that it would be a lot of fun and accepted. My friend Brian, who was a bartender there at the time, took some photos of me and I posted them on my Myspace page. A couple of days later, Colt Spencer (Unzipped), sent me a message asking if I ever thought about being in porn. He gave me the number for Howard at Fabscout who started advising me on the best course of action to get into the business. Once I had made the decision to go forward, I sent you a note because I really wanted the chance to meet and hopefully work with you. It turned out to be right at the time that you were directing your first movie for Mustang, ‘Blue Movie.’ You said that maybe you would have a part for me in your next movie. In the mean time, I went to New York to represent Fabscout at the Gay Erotic Expo and Hustlaball. I got my first taste of what it would be like as a performer in the porn world. I liked it a lot! Check my blog for details at brunobond.blogspot.com.

SC: Why porn? Have you always been an exhibitionist?
BB: I have always been an exhibitionist, I have only come to terms with it over the last few years. Relationship sex is always different and more intimate, but recreational sex had become more and more exhibitionist oriented for me lately. As a teenager, I was having sex outside or in cars. As an adult, it could be as simple as not closing the curtains, to a blow job on a balcony, to fucking in front of an audience at a sex club. Porn just is an easier way to have an audience than trying to organize one yourself 🙂

SC: What’s it like entering the porn world at 40? Are there challenges? Is it something you wish you had started much younger or are you glad you waited?
BB: It all happened for me at the right time. I never really thought about my age. I have been training heavily for several years and had left the corporate world to work for myself. I was ready to have an adventure! When you are younger, it is easy to get caught up in the glitter and glamor and think that they are real. When you are a bit older, you realize that these things are fleeting and it is best to just enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.

SC: If I do say so myself, I think you were perfectly matched with Tyler Saint. The scene is just beautiful to watch. Describe what it was like for you to film your first scene, what were you feeling? Was it as hot as it looks?
BB: I was very lucky that my first scene was with Tyler Saint! First of all he is gorgeous and second he is quite professional and experienced on the set. We had a great chemistry together and got to spend some time the day before getting to know each other at the gym and over dinner. When it was time to do our scene, we were ready to go! You and I had been talking, so I knew what to expect. Everyone from Falcon was really helpful and friendly. Leif was encouraging and super sweet. I was relaxed, horned up and ready to get it on! As I said, I like an audience. For me to get fucked by a gorgeous man, in a beautiful setting while people watched. It was a dream! I have jerked off just thinking about it several times!

SC: For the new fans who are getting to know you, talk a little bit about your life outside of porn: Where you come from, your talents and interests.
BB: I am a Southerner born and raised, but have spent a great deal of time traveling across the country and around the world. My professional life has revolved around art, interior design and construction. When I am not working, I am in the gym. When I travel, I like to immerse myself in the culture of wherever I am. I always have fun wherever I go!

SC: Lets talk a little bit about your art and design. I hear your creative skills landed yourself a job behind the camera…
BB: Most of my professional life has been in art, interior design and construction. This combination has led me to a new job as a set designer for Raging Stallion. Hopefully, being behind the scenes will help me be a better performer and vice-versa. It’s a unique task to build something that guys are going to fuck on. I am always thinking is this hot? is it comfortable?
SC: Comfortable? Porn is pain baby!
BB: Right… LOL! I am also thinking have we seen it before? It’s a great job! I love the people in this industry and am having a great time! Where else to your co-workers see you naked?

SC: OK, let’s change gears and talk about sex. A subject were both pretty familiar with. I have to stop a minute and share with readers (those who don’t know) that Bruno here is my boyfriend. We fell in love just after the filming of Red Light and were happy in a committed relationship. So its a curious thing to interview your significant other on the subject of sex… especially the next question I am about to ask. So Bruno, Besides me (who you get whenever you want) who is on your hot list of guys to work with… or play with?
BB: Really you keep me harder than any one I have ever been around 🙂
SC: I swear I didn’t bribe him to say that…
BB: LOL! We are still pretty new in our relationship and it is kind of strange to be thinking about sex with other men. But, you know that I am a horny guy and it is part of the reason that I got into porn in the first place. You are an unexpected bonus! I like fucking cute younger guys (like Pistol Pete, Josh Hart) or and being dominated by big daddies (like Arpad Miklos, Tom Chase) and everything in between (Francois Sagat, Vince Ferelli, Scott Tanner) . I have always been attracted to a personality type more than a physical type. I like asertive, strong men that are passionate and really into sex. Fortunately, I have been meeting a lot of them in this business!

SC: List a fantasy you’d like to live out in front of camera or off…
BB: Actually, I had lived out most of my fantasies off camera up to this point. Being in front of the camera is like living out a fantasy. I think that you and I should take our show on the road. Maybe we can get booked for some sexy live performances in clubs 🙂 On film, I would like to do some three ways or group action. I want to have cum flying everywhere!

Tyler Saint

SC: You are in so many of my favorite movies, and easily you are one of my favorite stars. A perfect body, handsome all american looks and a big juicy cock- what’s not to love about you. Of all the movies you shot over the years which was your favorite and why?
TS: I really cannot say I have a favorite flick. I get a little satisfaction and fun from each and every one I have done thus far. Working with various models and directors, studios and scenarios, make each flick unique and memorable. I think my favorite film hasn’t been made yet – it pairs me with Steve Cruz.

SC: We all know it takes a lot of work to look as good as you do. How much time a week do you spend in the gym?
TS: Seriously, I spend no more than 1 hour per day working out. I have been a gym goer since I was in my early 20’s, so whatever I do now, is basically maintenance for me. I generally watch what I eat, and try not to eat carbs after 2pm. Other than that, just a simple routine.

SC: Do perfect men still feel insecure? If so what’s one or two things you are insecure about or that you might change.
TS: First of all, I would not consider myself “perfect” quite the other extreme in my eyes sometimes. I think everyone has some sort of hangup about themselves – I have several! I know I am not ugly – but I find it amazing and very humbling that people think that I am “hot” . I have been much of an introvert since childhood. I consider myself to be quite shy at times – yeah yeah, I do porn, how can I be shy??? I really do not like being in the spotlight much. Being on stage by myself frightens me!

SC: Is there anything that you haven’t done on film that you’d like to try? Maybe its a co-star you’ve been hot for? If you were paid to write your own scene and cast it how would it go down?
TS: Id really like the chance to be on a location shoot – somewhere on a deserted island in the south pacific. The premise would be a “Lord of the Flies” storyline. That has always been a great read for me. A cast of outrageous models in the sun and surf- doing animistic things to one another – schwinnnggggggg

SC: In ‘Red Light’ you play an escort hired to fuck executive ‘Bruno Bond’ into submission… outside of porn, have you ever gotten paid for your services? or have you paid for an escort? would you?
TS: Many consider anyone who does porn to be a prostitute. In a sense you are having sex for money. I myself, have not done any “other” services – or feel the need to. I have also never had to pay for sex – geez I have sex with some of the worlds hottest men on set!

SC: In my opinion you are easily one of the sweetest guys in the business that I’ve met. Are you really as sweet as you seem on the surface?
TS: Yes, anyone who really knows me would tell you I am a sweetheart. Once you really get to know me, there isn’t much of anything I wouldn’t do to help anyone out.

SC: Do you have a private, romantic side? And if so— what is the quickest way to your heart?
TS: I am a hopeless romantic. The quickest way to my heart is to give me dark chocolate! No, seriously, I love any and everything to do with romance. Whether it be sitting at home cuddled up with my honey watching a movie surrounded by our favorite junk food, or going to Santa Monica pier just to ride the Ferris Wheel 1 time. I believe romance is the glue that holds relationships together.

Behind The Scenes

Taking a break

Effective direction begins with the art of talking with your hands…

A behind the scenes look at the rope bondage scene (director’s cut release on web only)

Falling for my new star…

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