Aden & Jordan Jaric Being PROBED by Police?

No, we’re not giving away the concept to a new Falcon film starring Falcon Exclusive Couple Aden & Jordan Jaric even though this story does have the potential to be made into a great film! What was supposed to have been a routine dance gig at Trixxx in Providence, RI in October of 2008 has turned out to be the talk of Boston in February of 2009! Apparently a police escort was arranged to speed The Jarics from Logan airport to a downtown club appearance and the news has just now made it to the Police Commissioner – and he’s none too happy about it. Instead of re-relating the story to you all  – here’s a couple links that will catch you up with the torrid drama – The Boston Herald has been ringing our phone off the hook and surprisingly, the local news station 7 News even deemed this newsworthy!

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