Erik Rhodes LIVE Tomorrow, Friday the 13th!

Movie fans, February 13 is a two-fer bonanza. Besides Jason Voorhees returning to terrorize the campers at Crystal Lake in the newest “Friday the 13th”, we’ve got our own serial slayer Erik Rhodes with his killer smile and monster dick, ready to drown you in oceans of mancream with his web-show performance at 6pm PST. Pick your poison: freaky Jason with his machete or macho-hunk Erik with his meaty sword. Either one will have you screaming like the bitches you are, but Erik’s hypnotic hoo-ha promsies to be more fun – he’s the one we really want cumming back for more.

Speaking of nut-jobs, you’ll want to catch Erik in the upcoming Falcon release “Asylum”, available 2/17/09. In this epic, he plays the part of a news reporter who goes undercover to crack what could be be the biggest story of his career: exposing the truth about the “Asylum” (Insert loud thunderclap here! haha). His intention is to find out what dastardly deeds are transpiring behind those locked doors. Who are those mad scientists … or are they crazed sex-fiends? What is driving the inmates mad? Yikes, FVP190 “Asylum” will have you white-knuckling it or just choking the chicken.

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