Leo Giamani Fucks Beaux Now On Falcon Str8Men!

I always thought Tyra Banks was just an annoying blowhard and all the tv shows that her big ego spawned were nothing more than vanity pieces. But on her January 22, 2009 broadcast, Miss “Me-Me-Me”‘s featured topic was “I’m Gay for Pay” which highlighted the phenomena of straight men whore-ing themselves in gay erotica. So, thanks Tyra, for such an interesting episode. I knew your forehead was big for a reason. Anyway, fellas, you can check out some of the show here.

Which brings me to the new Falcon Str8Men scene we’re now posting on-line. It’s simply titled “Leo Giamani fucks Beaux” where Leo – the man of the hour – devours his prey. Leo is undeniably one of the hottest, most physically stunning models to enter the Falcon arena. He’s confident and secure with his masculinity and sexuality; he possesses all the leonine qualities of a man on the prowl. Here is a scene with Leo and another hottie, Beaux, doing the straightman tango guaranteed to get you crinkling your toes. And Beaux is no slouch either. He nurses on Leo’s cock like a seasoned pro, and then easily surrenders his greased-up hole for Mr. Giamani to plow. Watch Beaux’ face and how it contorts and grimaces with each spasm of pained pleasure – he’s damn cute. Kudos to both of them for pleasuring themselves … just for our pleasure.

And to catch more of the talented Leo at work, be sure to link onto the newest Falcon release, “Asylum” where he goes mano-a-mano with Erik Rhodes.

Here’s a quick taste of what to expect;

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