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Segment I


And now for something completely different

XXX is a non stop no frills fuck-fest! Leif Gobo and I wondered what you’d get when you removed a story, a theme, a wardrobe or even a specific set from a porn movie- what would you be left with? In this case you get 8 horny men hot for sex… a porn movie stripped down to the action! We’ll be returning to produce the final chapter in the Color Box Series, ‘RGB’ in April, that blog should debut in the early Summer.

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Arpad Miklos


A man of few unnecessary words. He’s so sexy and real, he really doesn’t need them. A perfect fit for what this movie is all about.

My current mood is…

How many porn movies have you filmed in your long career? Have you lost count?
It’s about 75 now not counting the scenes for different websites.

What was the first movie?
First movie was Kristen Bjorn’s “Hung(a)ry for Men”. Good Lord it was 15 years ago!

When the lights turn off and the camera no longer rolling… what gets you smoking hot?
Some things I like to keep private.

What does ‘XXX’ mean to you?
My first association when I hear XXX is: forbidden fruit…

If you were not a porn star and escort, what do you think you’d be doing instead? I’m a chemist by training, and I really liked doing it before my porn career, so, I think, I’d be doing the same: working in a lab.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve seen in the world and why?
Oh… there are many, but the one that made the biggest impression on me was a hinduist and buddhist pilgrimage site up high on the side of a mountain in the Himalayas. 24000-foot peaks around, snow on the ground, abundant sunshine and you could only hear the wind. And nobody was around… it was majestic and very spiritual.

I make porn because…
#1, I enjoy it. #2, Guys enjoy seeing me in those movies.

Vinnie D’Angelo


My current mood is…
Content with my life as so far.. being in a relationship and also my porn career working to the top.

How many porn movies have you filmed in your career?
23 and counting

What was the first movie? What was the best movie?
Trunks 3 was first movie for Hot House. The best movie to work in was Gunnery Sgt McCool because of the large amount of guys in it. The group scene with all their cocks was very exciting. I was like a kid in a candy store… (more like a lollipop store LOL)

When the lights go out and the camera is no longer rolling, what gets you smoking hot?
Kissing…and sucking cock… from a hot guy.. I am actually a very romantic type of person, and I like a lot of caressing and kissing and after sex.. cuddling.

What does ‘XXX’ mean to you?
That means sex sex sex 😉 !!Hot sex!! Just what porn should be all about!

If you were not a porn star, what do you think you’d be doing instead?
I would be bar tending i think still .. or going to college.. porn for me in the beginning was trying to get by when times were hard with money. Then it became and instant success for me once they seen how I fuck so I went with it.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve seen in the world and why?
Rome. I love Italy and the history of the city. When I went there I felt more at home than anywhere in the world, so far. And it being where my family lineage is from. It was like going back home being of Italian descent.

I make porn because…
I like sex and why not have sex with the hottest guys in the world if you can? And because I am good at it 😉 Also its pretty easy and unlike most work very relaxing from being a hard labor type of job standpoint.

Derek DaSilva


My current mood is…
tired but very happy. Things have really been going great guns both in my porn and music careers.

What was the first movie you starred in? What was the best movie?
My first movie was a classic underground queer punk movie called “The Yo Yo Gang.” It was a nude sex role, but this movie wasn’t porn! My first proper adult video was called “Breaking Point” by Shotgun. It’s still one of the heaviest CBT videos ever shot. I think my best work was in “FEAR” perhaps, but I also really love Sounding #1 as it really captures the deep, twisted love and sheer intensity of my relationship with Tony Buff.

When the lights are off and the camera no longer rolling… what gets you smoking hot?
A nice well rounded BDSM scene: creative elements of surprise, intense power dynamics, pain that gets all mixed up with pleasure; all done with someone that is as smart as he is physically hot. Brains are really the biggest turn on for me – a great mind makes for great sex.

What does ‘XXX’ mean to you?
It’s an old tacky half burnt out neon sign flashing in the wild part of town – a part long gone but still etched deep in your childhood memory, portending of the dark secret world of adults. It’s going way over the top and marketing your bad ol’ pornographic side with as much noise as possible, cuz the real rating is only one “X” but heck if you’re gonna go there, you might as well go all the way there and be as outré as you can. Along these very same lines I’ve taken an old Andy Warhol quote as a personal motto, “Always leave them wanting less.”

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve done in a scene on camera?
I think the fetish bonus we did for XXX is pretty singular. I was asked for an electro scene – and I took that direction and made it into something that combined electro torture, predicament bondage and fire play. And on top of that, we managed to tie it into the title of the movie. I think people will enjoy this little scene.

Define going too far…
“Too far” varies from person to person and is highly subjective. Much of what Tony Buff and I do for fun is “way too far” by most people’s definition! But there are certain real limits I suppose. I’d say causing serious harm is always going too far – but then you need to define “harm” and you end up not much clearer on the topic than where you started. Being pragmatic, you need to determine your risk profile and mitigate those risks that might be expected to cause harm.

Players have the right and responsibility to define their limits – and to willingly have them pushed. So breaking consent is another “too far” but when you get into edge play where you are intentionally but (consensually) pushing hard limits, once again, it gets tricky. Few players get to the point where these questions really arise of course – but in my deepest relationships these edges are very real and you get into some intense philosophical and sociological issues.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve seen in the world and why?
I really love Tikal, which is an ancient Mayan city in the lowland rainforest of Guatemala. I’m very into the Maya and I love wildlife. The area around the ruins is totally teaming with life – birds, monkeys, butterflys, brocket deer and all sorts of weird critters that make you rush to find your guidebook. I can spend all day sitting on a pyramid watching the wildlife in the jungle canopy. The first time I visited Tikal I actually cried because I was so happy and at home there.

What are you the most passionate about in life?
Music. I love making it – writing, recording, producing, mixing and performing. And I’m crazy about listening to the sheer immensity of all the kinds of music people make – there is so much amazing music it would take many lifetimes to even begin to scratch the surface even if you only listened to just the very best of it.

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XXX Behind The Scenes!


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OK Gobo, the movie doesn’t shoot itself…

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