Free Action Gallery: ‘Labyrinth’


‘Labyrinth’ Directed by Steve Cruz

Visions of sexual beasts and carnal temptations fill the Labyrinth. Men wearing little or nothing stalk these halls in search of fulfilling their hottest fantasies. A seemingly endless long tunnel only illuminated by a red glow is the Labyrinth of desire that is reminiscent of a mythological sex club, where visions of a Minotaur compete with horned up flesh in need of release. Dorian Ferro knows if he displays his ass, men will want it … and he wants to be taken. Sean Zevran, in a Slick It Up mesh body suit that revels every cut of his awesome physique, is that guy. Chris Harder wanders the Labyrinth in sunglasses and black shorts with front and back zippers. His first stop is a glory hole where he services three cocks at once. He chooses one man, Johnny V, for an exhibitionistic display of flip-fucking with a double-headed dildo chaser. Then Chris Harder is chosen by Michael Thomas, a mountain of smooth, dark muscle. Michael knows how to work that rear zipper for the maximum benefit of his tongue and cock. Johnny V, terrified by a vision of the Minotaur, retreats to a room of cages, where his tormentor drops the horns and reveals his other horn: three handfuls of hard, black cock that needs release. Johnny submits his hole to an exhaustive fuck that paints the set white with jizz. The quest for a wetter, harder orgasm takes many forms. Enter the Labyrinth, to find your way to satisfaction.

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