Roman Heart In Guinness Book of World Records?

Well, if they had a category for Most Magazine Covers By A Gay Male Pornstar – Roman Heart would have all others beat by a mile. When the 2009 June issue of Unzipped Magazine hits subscribers and newsstands Roman will have the distinction of appearing on more of Regent Media’s magazine covers than any other pornstar since the inception of their publications. June will be Roman’s EIGHTH cover! The June issue of Unzipped will also be the first time Regent has ever shown a full bare ass on one of their covers and we couldn’t think of a better ass to give that distinction to!


His first cover was the 2005 March/April issue of [2] Magazine on which he appeared with then Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston, his second cover was the 2005 July issue of Freshmen Magazine, number three was the 2006 January/February issue of [2] Magazine with former Channel 1 Exclusive Eddie Stone, his fourth the 2006 June issue of Freshmen when he was named Freshmen Of The Year, the fifth was the 2007 January/February issue of [2] Magazine with former Falcon Exclusive Cort Donovan, his sixth was the 2007 February Freshmen Magazine 15th Anniversary issue, and number seven was the 2007 December issue of Men Magazine on which he appeared with all the Falcon Exclusives. Roman commented, “It’s hard to believe that when the 2009 June issue comes out it will have been four years since my first cover with Regent – their support has been amazing and most definitely an important part of my career.”


Unofficially – only because we don’t know anyone who can make it official – Roman has appeared on more magazine covers than any other gay male pornstar of all time. Many thanks go out to all the local and regional U.S. gay publications, foreign magazines and all the U.S. nationally distributed magazines too. The above collage is just a small sampling of Roman’s covers.


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  1. Lavender Lounge

    April 16, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    From Lavender Lounge Blog:

    “…Being in Guinness may be a bit presumptuous, but buying the boy a Guinness might be a more reasonable step toward immortality. In fact, it’s his destiny that I buy him a beer…”

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