Roman Heart: Gay Porn Star Spotlight

Guess who’s about to prove that blonds really do have more fun? That’s right.. you all voted him “Freshman of the Year” for 2006, then proved that you simply can’t get enough of him by making all of his titles huge smash hits. This week’s Spotlight subject really needs no introduction.. Roman Heart, easily Falcon’s most lusted after and recognizable Exclusive, is now 21 and living in Los Angeles.

Roman Heart

Originally from Tacoma, Washington, this chameleon-like talent is always reinventing his look to something fresh and sexy. Roman maintains major star power with his boy-next-door, sultry appearance and super hunk-like body. Although he is versatile, he generally plays a bottom in most scenes…and with an ass like that, YUMMY! Click the cut for more exclusive pics of Roman’s new look, as well as shots from our latest release, “DARE (FVP180)”

Falcon: So.. 2006 and 2007 have been crazy years for you, what with the AVN and Freshman magazine awards.

Roman: Yea its been pretty crazy. Fun though!

F: Since we’re always trying to pick up new fans for our superstars, let’s go over a few bits about yourself so people can get reacquianted.

R: Shoot!

F: “Roman Heart” is pretty much a household name for anyone who follows the porn biz. Did you use any names before that?

R: Yea, I went by ‘Link Madison’ for my first film, which was done before I signed with Falcon.

Roman Heart

F: And your current name?

R: A friend helped me come up with it, and it stuck after ChiChi heard it and said it was great. You can’t turn down a ChiChi Seal of Approval.

F: Very true.  Which scenes from the last year really stood out for you?

R: Well, Chad Hunt and I had been crushing on each other for at least a year.  We finally got to hook up in “The Velvet Mafia”, which was our big movie for 2006.  I got it from him again in “Hustle & Cruise”, which came out this past summer I think. Biggest dick ever! Loved it.

F: Any plans for 2008?

R: Turning 22 in April should be fun. I’ll also be promoting “DARE” and “Overtime” when those come out.

Roman Heart

F: What was winning a GayVN like?

R: I felt very honored and flattered.  I was also nominated for the very first scene I did for Falcon, which was this amazing one-on-one with Brent Everett in “Super Soaked”. To get nominated for 2 things and be able to take one of them home was pretty amazing.

F: .. and then came the Grabby, and the Freshman of the Year title.

R: I know!

F: Okay Roman.. we know your time is prescious so we’ll wrap this up. Are there any ways for your fans to get in touch with you?

R: I’m on MySpace.. Make sure you go to the real one though! There are a few tribute profiles out there that I have nothing to do with. Go to this one!

F: Thanks!

Roman Heart

Roman Heart’s latest release, “DARE (FVP180)”, is new for December 2007 and available now on DVD! Order now and recieve another one of Roman’s titles, the 2006 western romp “Riding Hard (FVP171)”.

Keep your eye on this blog for more news on his next release, the white-collar and shirt and tie themed “Overtime (FVP182)”!  If you’re into men in suits fooling around in the office, then this one will meet your hottest fantasies!  “Overtime (FVP182)” is currently scheduled for a March release.


  1. Helge

    December 30, 2007 at 10:11 am

    Wow! Roman looks hot, sexy and simply great in every look he chooses. Definitely the hottest model Falcon ever had. Hope to see him in a lot of movies. The Best wishes to him!

  2. alberto

    September 25, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    hello roman heart i just want to know why always every body fock you and you never fock eny body?
    you like my so much you are so beautiful take care

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