Gay Porn Star Spotlight – Turk Mason

This week for our model spotlight, we’re going to focus on a hot little twink by the name of Turk Mason, who made his debut in Best Men Pt. 2 – The Wedding Party, and will next be seen in the upcoming Falcon title, “Dripping Wet 2” (FVP194)!


We recently had a chance to gab a bit with Turk. He filled us in on, amongst other things, what he looks for in a man and what turns him on and we discovered what a talkative, enthusiastic and of course, adorable guy he is…

Falcon: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today Turk! I think people can safely assume that ‘Turk Mason’ is an assumed name, but how did you come up with it?

Turk: Well, I’m from San Francisco where there are the streets Turk and Mason. I’ve always liked how they sounded together.

F: So you didn’t go with the old porn name formula of combining your first pets name and the name of the first street you lived on?

T: Nah. It would be Boo Boo Melrose if I had, which doesn’t sound quite as good, haha.


F: How did you get started in the adult erotic business?

T: I’ve been modeling since I was a child and as soon as I hit 18 I was interested in doing nudes. The first photographer with whom I did nudes also happened to work for an adult film company and he offered me work. A week later I started!

F: Would you say it’s helped or hurt your dating prospects thus far?

T: Well, in my experience, once a guy finds out you’re in porn, he wants to get you into bed ASAP. Which can be a good or bad thing.


F: Are you currently dating anyone?

T: I’ve actually been with someone for going on 4 years now. He’s my one and only, the love of my life!

F: If you can, describe your most memorable or hottest sexual experience.

T: It happened after a magazine shoot. There was so much tension between me and the photographer. It had just built up. When I finally came, I hit him in the eye. It was super hot up until then as well. I think there may have been handcuffs involved actually.


F: What turns you on about a man? What do you look for?

T: A little sense of danger. I like guys with tats, that are slim but toned, dark and handsome. If a guy likes foreplay, kissing and kink, then that’s the guy for me. One hugely important thing though would be passion. There’s nothing better than a man that shows real passion for life.

F: Do you have any fetishes or sexual fantasies?

T: Ohh yeah! I love toys, whips, slings, being tied up and tying my partner up. Mix any of that with the element of getting caught, like sex in public, and I’m really turned on.


F: Do your friends know about your work in porn?

T: I’m totally open about it. Even my parents know. Everyone is chill with it and no one is surprised. I’ve always been overly sexual. Every time I have a gig my dad says “you have another little skit to do!” I love it.

F: Do you have any hobbies?

T: I’m very crafty. I like to make collages as well as my own t-shirts. I also enjoy just about any outdoor activity like biking or hiking.

F: Tell us something surprising about yourself, that we wouldn’t expect.

T: Um, I love underwear and have so much of it. But I never wear it. I only wear underwear if a job or a photo shoot calls for it.


F: What do you do for fun outside of porn?

T: Drink, drink, and drink some more, haha. I love going out with friends to parties or clubs, just drinking and goofing off!

F: Here’s a more philosophical question for you, Turk- what would you say has been your favorite journey thus far?

T: Greatest journey? Can I just say “Don’t Stop Believing”? Hahaha. Good question, but hard to answer now. There have been so many, it’s difficult to narrow down.

F: Are there any talents or skills you wish you had?

T: Hmm…I’d love to be able to sing. As it is, when I do sing, you do NOT want to hear it. It’s painful.

F: Thanks again for chatting with us today, Turk!

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