Free Action Gallery: Beef Squad


‘Beef Squad’ Directed by Steve Cruz

The Beef Squad plays ball and plays hard. They win on the field, and they celebrate their manhood and muscle off the field in heated, athletic and sexual exchanges. Whatever sport they play, their best moves are found in the locker room, filled with ripe, seedy aromas and uninhibited fucking. Director Steve Cruz coaches this muscled team whose sport is filling hungry mouths and hot holes with fat cocks. Linebacker Joey D, a mass of smooth, sculpted beef, rams Sean Zevran’s tight-end after receiving a fevered blowjob. Champion dick sucker, Adam Avery, shows off his skills on teammate Austin Wolf, who cock-whips, face-fucks and finger-gags, Adam until his mouth foams. Austin doesn’t stop until he’s gorged himself on Adam’s hole: eating it, thumb jamming it and fucking it. MVP Dorian Ferro hooks up with talent Jack Giles in a shower big enough for the whole squad. Making out under the spray, Jack targets Dorian’s scrumptious ass. Dorian finger-fucks himself while Jack rims him. Jack scores when Dorian lands his hole on Jack’s cock for a feverish ride. After a grueling practice, Eli Lewis blows off some steam with Sean Zevran. Eli gives him a spit filled hummer and shows off his athleticism by spreading his long legs for a multi-position fuck. Every player on the Beef Squad shoots and scores in this steamy locker room, where the team’s goal is to get you off.

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