“Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild” Opens August 29th…

Falcon Exclusive Couple Aden & Jordan Jaric appear alongside gay icons RuPaul and Lady Bunny in the upcoming feature film “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild”, being released this August 29!!

Aden and Jordan Jaric

In the film Andy, Nico, Jarod and Griff reunite in Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break and participate in a contest called “Gays Gone Wild” to determine who can attain the most “buttlove” over the course of the vacation. Between Wet Package contests, Evil Gay Fratboys, and genital crabs the size of kittens, it’s a bumpy road to booty victory. But this time around, love proves to be the biggest conflict of all as the boys struggle to rectify just how casual sex fits into their lives.

Aden and Jordan Jaric

Tyrelle Tyrelle (RuPaul) and Sandi Cove (Lady Bunny) are the hostesses of “Gays Gone Wild” and what do two outrageous gay game show hostesses need more than great outfits and killer shoes? Well, if anybody ever said no one could possibly fill Vanna White’s shoes they were dead wrong – Aden and Jordan Jaric take the job as RuPaul and Lady Bunny’s game show presenters very seriously and to the delight of everyone even do it half naked! Aden & Jordan commented, “Working on this film was an unexpected surprise and a complete gift, we’ve only been in the adult business a minute and the opportunities we’re already getting are amazing. The best part of being involved in this film was meeting RuPaul and realizing that bigger than life celebrities love a good game of charades too!”

Aden and Jordan Jaric

RuPaul commented from his blog, “Aden & Jordan Jaric are my new best friends on the set. Tuesday, the three of us sang the whole Booty Luv CD non-stop in between takes and in the transport van. They’re the brand new Falcon discoveries who happen to be a couple in real life.”

Aden and Jordan Jaric

Directed by Todd Stephens, “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild” takes the “Another Gay Movie” franchise up several notches with more outrageous humor and wild sexual situations. Besides RuPaul and Lady Bunny the film features entertainment notables such as Scott Thompson, Jonah Blechman, Perez Hilton, Will Wikle and the infamous Brent Corrigan.

P.S. Curious about all these hot pics of the Jarics in action?  You can find those scenes and more in “Endless Crush (FVP179)” and “Rough Play (FVP181)” !

Want to see and read more about Aden & Jordan Jaric? You’re in luck – they’ve got a blog! Head on over to http://jarics.falconstudios.com for candid photos and personal stories from these 2 partnered heartthrobs!

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