RagingStallion.com Premieres ‘Primal’ Update

bruno y adam

A-Team Exclusive Bruno Bernal and Adam Ramzi Serve Instinctive Sexual Urges

RagingStallion.com announces the release of the first scene from Primal, starring A-Team Exclusive Bruno Bernal and Adam Ramzi. Instinct, pheromones, and dominance drive the dark and rough action in Primal. The sex is stripped down and intense – focusing on the base desires that drive hot men to heated, no-holds-barred exchanges. The scene will go live on RagingStallion.com on September 2, followed by the availability of the DVD and scene downloads on September 09, 2016 on the Falcon Studios Group Store.


In the new scene, Bruno Bernal looks up at Adam Ramzi with a primal urge. They make out as Bruno tugs on Adam’s nipples. Instinctively, Bruno sinks down and opens his mouth to receive Adam’s throbbing, uncut tool. With deep thrusts, Adam feeds his cock down Bruno’s throat. Adam fixates on Bruno’s ass, so he parts Bruno’s firm, tan cheeks and dives in tongue first. His spit drips down Bruno’s crack as Adam lubes up the tight hole. Returning to his oral worship, Bruno sucks on Adam’s balls and runs his tongue along the edge of Adam’s foreskin.


Moving to a 69 position, Bruno impales his face on Adam’s cock as Adam buries his face in Bruno’s ass. All that rimming has Bruno’s ass ready to get fucked, so Adam thrusts his cock in and delivers an uninhibited pounding. Bruno’s abs flex as he gets pummeled by Adam’s massive, thick meat. Rolling over, Bruno gets in doggy style position and Adam continues his anal offensive. Bruno’s flanks ripple with the pressure of Adam’s intense pummeling. Flipping on his back, Bruno assumes missionary position and jerks out his load, spewing cum across his chest with Adam still inside. Pulling out, Adam kneels next to Bruno and unleashes a gigantic, spurting load that shoots across the bed. With their primal needs satisfied, they finish with satisfying kissing.

“Bruno and Adam totally give themselves over to the fulfillment of their most essential Primal urges,” says director Steve Cruz. “The scene is super intense because these guys are a perfect match for each other. The chemistry is off the charts and the cum shots are incredible!’”

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