Gay Porn Star Spotlight – Dustin


When you think of celebrities that go by one name only, you think of icons like Madonna, Beyonce, Cher, and of course Sinbad (okay, maybe not that last one.) Well, we’d like to add one more name to that list – Dustin, an up-and-cumming hottie from the newest Jocks production, Snow Trip Vol. 9 – Lake Tahoe.

Okay, we admit, the chances of a gay porn star commingling in the same celebrity echelon as Madonna are pretty slim, but come on, this is one seriously hot stud, who WOULDN’T want to do some “commingling” with him?

We recently caught up with Dustin and had a chance to nail him (we wish) down for a quick Q&A. Read what he had to say after the jump;

Falcon: So Dustin, where are you from originally and where do you live now?

Dustin: I’m from Tom’s River, New Jersey originally and now I live in Panama City Beach, Florida.

F: How did you get involved with porn?

D: One of my friends works for Falcon and knew I had been wanting to do it so he hooked me up.
F: Had you done any work in the industry before?

D: No, this will be my first movie. Or anything really. Hopefully I’ll do okay [Laughs]

F: You do considerably more than okay from what I’ve seen, trust me!

D: Thanks! That’s good to know!

jvp132_a_008prF: What do you get into sexually? Any preference when it comes to scenes?

D: Not really, I’m pretty flexible. I’m down for a three-way or four way [Laughs] But good old fashioned one-on-one is fine too.

F: Any fetishes to speak of?

D:  Not fetishes per se, I’m just really into a guys ass and abs. It seems a little on the mundane side to say you have an ass fetish though. It’s sorta like saying you have a dick fetish.

F: Yes, it’s exactly like that actually. So are you currently dating anyone, or do we have a chance?

D: Hahaha, no I’m dating someone at the moment.

jvp132_a_005prF: Darn! Our hopes are dashed against the rocks. Would you say that being in porn has helped or hindered your relationship?

D: Unfortunately, it seems like it’s hindering it. We’ve hit a rough patch.

F: Yikes! Sorry to hear that! Well lets talk about happier things then. Like your favorite drink, perhaps?

D: Grey Goose and Red Bull. And it has to be Grey Goose because there’s a vast drop off in quality of vodka the cheaper you get.

F: Frankly, it all tastes like rubbing alcohol to me.

D: [Laughs]

jvp132_d_001F:  Well before we let you go, what can we fantasize about you doing naked when you’re not actually naked and filming a movie? Any hobbies?

D: Hahaha, interesting way to ask that. Well I really enjoy bowling. Not sure if I’d like doing it naked though.

F: Yeah, I don’t think bowling is really a sport that lends itself to nudity. At any rate, thanks for talking to us today Dustin! It’s been most enlightening!

D: No problem! I enjoyed it!


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