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Part I

Green Door is a portal to a space where men stay young, hot-blooded and horny forever. Once lured inside you’ll find satisfaction, and the longer you stay the better it feels… until you realize you can’t leave. Green Door is the final chapter in the ‘RGB’ Trilogy all directed by Steve Cruz and Leif GOBO.

The Stars
Nash Lawler

SC: Was it worth it?
NL: Hell yes it was worth it. I got to work with a really fun cast and crew of whom I’ve never worked with before.

SC: Tell us about your hot scene partner Drake Jaden…
NL: Drake. He was very unassuming, honestly. he looked a bit rugged and intimidating at first, then when you started talking with him, he was very sweet and down to earth. Great ripped, athletic build, and nice smile.

SC: What’s it like working for Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo. Is it true you we made you cry?
NL: Going in, I thought it was going to be a bit more rough, or demanding. I always heard Mustang was a harder, more full-on brand, so I was looking for a different type of scenery. But Steve and Leif were both very lenient and relaxed on set. They were also very receptive to any creative ideas. They didn’t MAKE me do anything. I’m just that damn good 🙂

SC: On screen you’re quite character! I admit you’re one of my favorite personalities… any designs on a career outside of porn? Any hidden talents?
NL: Yes, I am actually starting to apply for guest roles ion primetime. I have one audition set up already for a new show on ABC. The character is a Gymnast selling Cortisone to hurt teamates. Also, be sure to check out any of my many upcoming DJ gigs, where you’re sure to hear some sexy, sleazy house tunes!

SC: What’s an average day in the life like for you? What are you up to when you’re not making porn?
NL: At the moment, I’m writing up a business plan for the launch of my own brand, NASHville Productions. I also include intense training, with cycling, lifting and Jiu Jitsu on a daily basis.

SC: What’s usually going through your mind right before you climax?

SC: If I were an animal I’d be a most like a (blank) because…
NL: Squirrel, because I’m always looking for a nut.

SC: Is there such a thing as going too far? What would you never do on screen?
NL: I think the boundries in Mainstream Adult Video, are very lenient. I am a very open minded individual, and I never say never.

SC: OK! Bonus round! I have to ask… its about the ass! Its a rockin’ sweet pink place we all want inside. You’re doing quite the campaign for your first bottoming scene? And we’re on the edge of our ‘seats’ with anticipation… who’s gets to film your first time? Is it all hype? Have you bottomed before off camera? How much will it cost us?
NL: YES! This has been on my mind for awhile now, and it’s been a long time cumming. I deliver, the goods, never the hype. Like I said at The CyberSocket Awards, Steve; I don’t think you can afford it. As of right now, I’m keeping my mouth shut………unless of course to shove dick in it…………….THANKS!

SC: touchĂ© baby, touchĂ©… You see why I love this guy? Well, you’re right about that. I CAN’T afford it. But I’ll be lining up to watch!

Introducing Mustang Exclusive
Samuel Colt

SC: When you came to Mustang you pretty much had no experience making movies, but you’re no stranger to porn.
What were you doing before you became a performer? Why did you decide to finally dive in? Why did you wait so long?
Samuel: I’ve worked behind the scenes for years. I helped build Falcon’s first website, did grip work in some Raging Stallion
movies… was a non-sexual extra in a few. most recently, I was the Webmaster for Hot House Entertainment. I’m not sure why
I waited so long, I just wanted my life to be in the right place.

SC: I’ve been an admirer for a long time. I’ve watched you develop into a hot man I look up to for a few reasons.
Samuel: Your body! That’s an accomplishment. Tell us about your training. How and why you got into competitive shape?
I’ve always been in shape and interested in bodybuilding. I’ve even competed in bodybuilding competitions before and really enjoyed that. I workout 4-5 times a week and do cardio about the same amount. I’m always active on the weekends, hiking or whatever so fitness isnt always about the gym for me. I’m also a certified personal trainer.

SC: Most important, you’re a man who gives back to his community. Tell us about your public service commitments up until now… If its not too personal… Why is it something you’re so passionate about?
Samuel: Well I think we get so used to “taking” from our community and now that I’m in a place where I can give back and help others, I take every opportunity. I’ve been on the South of Market Barechest Calendar and am currently a leather titleholder in my community. About twice a month I’ve been holding fundraisers to raise money and awareness for various causes that I feel are important.

SC: You are a leather title holder and recently you competed at IML. Has this journey taught you anything?
Samuel: First thing, it taught me about being in the public eye… something I’m definitely still getting used too. But getting out there and meeting people and fans has been very rewarding. It is comforting that my story can bring hope to others.
The road to IML was an amzing journey, and something that I wish everyone could experience. So much happens in those 5 days, most of it behind closed doors. You build such a strong bond and connection with other men from around the world, friends I know I’ll have for years to come.

SC: What’s usually going through your mind right before you climax?
Samuel: I’m gunna cum, I’ve gunna cum, oh my god, i’m cumming… oh fuck this feels good, oops sorry about your eye.

SC: You’re a kinky bastard… our next movie is a fetish flick… list some of yours.
Samuel: LOL well… do we have time? Hmmm. I like uncut dick, muscles, nipples… also like bondage, cock-ball torture, electro stimulation, sounds, pumping… leather, sports gear, motorcycle gear, skinheads, military… this will be a long list…

SC: In your opinion… is there such a thing as going too far? What would you never do on screen? I would never knowingly eat poop or vomit. I have to say knowingly because I accidently ate vomit once, but it was my own so I guess thats okay?
Other than that.. I will always wear a condom when I fuck.

SC: Retarded question. If I were an animal I’d be a most like a (blank) because…
Samuel: Aren’t we already animals? I would be most like man, because thats what I am…? I’m not good at these games. I am part native american and my totam is a Raven… so I guess that’s what I would be but I;m actually pretty blind and I can’t fly worth a shit, I would make a sucky bird.

SC: You recently accepted the contract at Mustang, and we’re so excited! How does it feel to be the first exclusive in 2 years?
What do you have in store for us?
Samuel: It’s pretty exciting… I really love all the people here and I get to work with some amazing talent so it is going to be an exciting time!

Chad Manning

SC: You were the first man cast in Green Door. I’ve been a fan of your work for some time. Is this your first movie out of contract?
CM: This was the first movie I was cast in out of contract. I shot a film for Chi Chi a few weeks before.

SC: Your scene is pretty hot! You seemed to be the catalyst that kept the passion going! Is that usually how it is? Are they all spell bound by the big cock?
CM: It is funny that you say that because I never think of myself as having a big cock. I will say for being the catalyst for that scene, this was the first film in my 2 year career where I had confidence in what I was doing. So, now that I am aware of the power of my cock…I plan on using it a lot more. 🙂

SC: Green Door could be an commentary on the porn business… how did you stumble into it? Porn I mean…
CM: I had some pictures out on the web a long time ago. I got contacted by a few people and at first said, no. Then I thought about it for a while and contacted a few studios. I got offers from several studios and was eventually offered a contract with Titan.

SC: What’s an average day in the life like for you? What are you up to when you’re not making porn?
CM: Well I am a sports trainer by day. I used to be a fashion model. Some fans have even brought up some of the old things that I have done. I think most noticeably was the ad campaign that I did for French Connection United Kingdom. I am also an avid political mind. Last year I worked really hard to get Hillary Clinton elected. We lost the big fight but we did deliver Texas for her. I like to think I had something to do with that. I can talk porn or United Nations policy without skipping a beat. My day is pretty routine however. I start early and spend most of it in the gym. I like helping people. Taking the lead on something is good for me.

SC: What’s usually going through your mind right before you climax?
CM: I am sure that I am not the only one who does this but I totally remove myself form the scene and close my eyes. I think of the dirtiest fantasy of mine and then…BANG!

SC: Green Door is kind of a dark movie about spirits. Ironically, you were doing some soul searching of your own.
Why did you almost quit the industry? Have things changed? How did it feel to have your fans behind you?
CM: You know that it has been a long 2 years for me in this business. During the filming of Green Door I was going thru my own soul searching and you said it best when you said I fell out of love with the industry. I was just seeing too much damage being done to people personally. I am not a mean person and could not understand why so many were out to hurt one another. At the same time I was being persecuted by some simply because of who I was dating. I had learned that another pornstar was sabotaging my chances at another studio by making up stories and dragging my name through the mud. I don’t understand all of that.It was 2 weeks after I filmed with you that I got a phone call saying that my dad had been killed in a car accident. My life was suddenly put in perspective and I decided that Chad Manning is a survivor. I developed a thicker skin. And then there was the war of words between me and that other studio. I took a lot of heat for standing up for what I thought was right. The day that I was asked to remove a posting to my blog was a hard one for me. I couldn’t understand why my career had been threatened for simply stating the truth. What was even harder was learning that while I was planning my dad’s funeral, a new advertising campaign was launched for one of my movies and I had been removed from it altogether. To this day I can’t understand why some would attack me while I was at my lowest point. My eyes opened up. From that I learned that some are so desperate for relevance that they see no one but themselves. So here I am walking into this new film and I just felt beaten up. The day that you pulled me aside and talked to me was the day that my professional confidence grew a backbone. I will never forget that. I took a look and saw how my fans reacted to the news that I was leaving the business. It was only then that I understood that this is not a studio driven business. Fans are loyal to the Model not just the brand. My fans were coming out in droves voicing their opinions. I also realized that if my blog posting could cause such a reaction then I must be doing something right. When that week was over I went home with a new found love of the Industry. Your direction and the staff at Falcon showed me that professionalism is alive and well. You guys helped me find my own voice within the industry. So, I decided to stick around. I think it was also why I believe I turned in the performance of a lifetime.

SC: Personal question: off camera what makes your heart skip a beat?
CM: My Boyfriend.

SC: Idiot Question: If I were an animal I’d be a most like a (blank) because…
CM: I would call myself an elephant. They are wise. They are larger than life. They are very easy to get along with. And they never forget….

SC: OK now! You hear that guys? Never forgets! Well, I’m in awe of the power of Chad’s cock. And I appreciate a man that put’s his BF first. I suspect he never forgets a kindness either. Chad really rocked his scene for the team and I look forward the day we work together again.

More Action

The Green Door Production Blog resumes July 1st with more stars, more action and more fresh meat!


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