Green Door Production Blog Pt. 2

Part II

The RGB Series was photographed by the master, Joe Oppedisano. You may know his work from Testosterone or his latest book Uncensored. I fell for his work when Testosterone came out. True story, stalked him at his book signing hoping for an initroduction so we could do some photos together. Turns out he was the assigned photographer for the Mustang shoot I was scheduled to star in days later. We laughed about it on set and were instant friends. Over the years we worked together in various projects… I about had a heart attack when I made the cover of his book, ‘Uncensored’. Naturally he was my selection for the first 3 movies we’d direct!

The Interviews
Photographer Joe Oppedisano

SC: Its weird to work with someone MORE depraved than myself. It doesn’t often happen, but I think its undeniable…
How did you get this way? Is it hard to unleash your twisted sexual appetite and still get work done….

JO: hmmm, well i guess that’s a compliment.. I think its all stems from being a sexual being as a child, and then,
turning 17 and becoming an escort. When I moved to NYC when I was 17 and found that I had ways of earning money without having to do much. When the internet came around, AOL chat rooms, I was intrigued at putting up fake profiles and names and going into the twisted rooms and finding out what made people get excited about K9 or cuckold husbands. I would pretend i was into it, and chat with the people on the other end (who were probably doing the same thing a same) but it made me open
up to the idea that anything is possible and peoples fetishes are vast and what makes them tick.

SC: How did you get your start? What brought you to male erotica?

JO: I was a fashion editor for 12 years before becoming a photographer, and part of the reason i got into male erotica was the fact that when doing a shoot for L’Uomo Vogue, I said to the photographer that we should do a shoot based on TOM OF FINLAND and he said i was nuts. That was one of the first shoots I did, and people liked it, so I knew I had something.

SC: Who are your influences?

JO: Tom, obviously, Jim French, Helmut Newton, Skribneski, Horst, Penn— actually the classics. I am more interested in how it was done back in times when it was not so acceptable.

SC: What’s the sickest thing you’ve shot? (Fans, I use ‘sick’ as a term for hot)

JO: I have a S/M bondage snuff project im getting ready to release for 2010 with superstars Bud and Peter Axel…ill send u some of the pics this is part of a huge project i am planning on releasing (in an interesting format) in about a year.

SC: What are you working on right now?

JO: Right now im taking time and headed upstate to my family’s house for the summer to write a screenplay ive had in my head for a while. It’s notporn, more of a autobiographical comedy. I want to take a few months and clear my head, meditate, enjoy myfamily and just take a step backwards and enjoy all of the things that I’ve neglected the past few years before its too late. I also want to get serious about directing, writing, and using what ive learned all these years and moving to the next step.

SC: You’d be a great director… and it might get you up off the floor 😉 I said might! But thats what I love about you, you throw yourself into your work 100%.

SC: Do you have limits? Is there such a thing as going too far? Where do you draw the line?

JO: Very few… I think I draw the line when in my head I think, “come on girl, enough!”. It’s hard because I try to keep pushing my own limits as an artist/photographer, and its always in my head to push things further and further within my own head and what is acceptable in society.

SC: OK, we all know when you work for us at Mustang you are nothing but professional! But outside of the RGB series— I have to ask… Have you ever fucked a model on the job? for a job?

JO: WHAT? Who me? NO! never! …What was the question?????

SC: Who’s the sexiest man you’ve ever shot? What did you do with him?

JO: That’s a hard question… I have to say I am blessed in the fact that I get some of the hottest men in the world to photograph, and they each have their own energy and beauty that they bring to the shoot. I like energy, I like a spiritualness in the people I work with that makes them give me 100% and trust me and my vision. It makes the question almost impossible to answer, being that I’ve worked with every Abercrombie boy and every major porn star, its all in their energy.

SC: Well put. I understand that now that I direct. As a performer I can tell you about the hot connections I had on camera but when it comes to my boys, I feel the same way you do. I’m lucky to have so many amazing men to work with. Hardly can call it a job.

SC: Who’s the sexiest man you’ve never shot? What would you do to him?

JO: Daniel Craig… especially that scene in the 1st Bond where he gets tortured. Not sure what I’d do, but it would be with as little clothing as possible.

The Stars
Newcomer Alessio Romero
follow him on Twitter!

SC: Your scene with Mustang Exclusive Samuel Colt is one not to be missed. It’s so hot! and the first 5 minutes is all one take! Looks like you had real chemistry with Samuel…

AR: I fucking love my scene I was very happy with my role: ‘Take it like a man’, masculine, dirty sex. I really, really enjoyed it. it went very well with Samuel Colt. He is a HOT fucker! At first he looked intimidating then we start talking. Nice guy! Really down earth and sweet man… and a killer body! We both knew about each other from a website. Then, on set, not a lot of words. We melt the ice by getting each other ROCK HARD before our photo shoot with Joe Oppedisano. We knew then the GIG was ON and steaming till cumming!

SC: Its hard to believe this was your first movie, you are a natural! Were you nervous the first time?

AR: YES! was so nervous… the first hour of shooting I was sweating like a pig from being so nervous, then was more hot sexy sweat from samuel rimming my ass, i fucking love that. After that the PIG came out, plus you and Leif Gobo very supportive. I remember both of you told me “Have fun with it! The camera loves you!” Right after that, it was ON!

SC: Well it was true, the camera loves you. And it was on from the beginning!

SC: You are a hot fucker! What led you to porn?

AR: thanks for the HF… Always in the back of my head, I wanted to do porn for along time. But I never pursued it. Just the idea of me having hot sex on camera, that takes me somewhere else XXX!!!

SC: What’s an average day in the life like for you? What are you up to when you’re not making porn?

AR: I work in Advertising… and some for a freelance Special Events company. [Besides work] I hit the gym. I take my 2 mini schnauzers to run in the Canyon, hang out with friends.. I love taking Naps. Two beautiful kids and I’m dating! I’m always busy!

SC: You photo set was filthy! And inspired! How was it shooting with Joe Oppedisano?

AR: Working with Joe Oppedisano is a WOW! Master photographer! I had an amazing time, I completely enjoy every second of it. AND my photos with Samuel Colt, HOT!

SC: What’s usually going through your mind right before you climax?

AR: I think about how GOOD I am feeling. I like aggressive, versatile sex. I think of the dirtiest fantasies, then… FUCK! I’m Cumming!

SC: Personal question: off camera what makes your heart skip a beat?

AR: My Kids, My Man and My SOBRIETY

SC: Idiot Question: If I were an animal I’d be a most like a (blank) because…

AR: A unicorn with a huge cock, LOL! Just kidding! I would be an Eagle always in determination of what they want. Amazing eye and they crave fresh meat if you know what I mean 😉

SC: What’s next for you?

AR: I just got back from SF shooting a scene with Tony Buff. And Hot House Club Inferno. Watch me on Chi Chi LaRue’s Live And Raw on the 7th of July! In August with Mustang for a dark and twisted scene with an other sexy fucker, newcomer Tom Wolfe (Men Magazine August 2009). Looking forward to work with you and Leif Gobo again! I can’t wait!

SC: Great to see someone as hot as Alessio is getting lots of work. MORE Alessio!

Erik Grant

SC: You are the bartender at the Green Door. Talk a little bit about your hot scene and the guys you were with…

EG: I have to say, this is probably one of the most interesting concepts to a movie I’ve done. My character, the bartender, I think comes off as a little mysterious, he never says a word, but at the same time kinda holds the center of the movie. I’m the “drug dealer” I guess you could say, that is drugging everyone for sex. As for my scene with Chad and Beaux, fucking hot. They are both beautiful men on and off set, which makes them even hotter. The sex was amazing, gotta say I could have had them sit on my face for days. Both know exactly how to suck a dick. Funny thing about this is we learned that vinyl and lube definitely don’t mix. Fucking them on that bar was hard sliding backwards to the point that they had to hold my feet. On and all, I think it came out to be a great scene, good times.

SC: Your scene is pretty hot! I think we were all captivated by that huge cock of yours. Do you get a lot of guys coming on to you for that reason?

EG: Yeah, you would think… When I go out to clubs people know who I am, but honestly my dick is usually not the first thing that pops up, no pun intended. It’s always my eyes. People always say that I have captivating eyes or amazing eyes. Ok. I don’t see it, but appreciate and like the compliments. So thanks everyone!

SC: I found you through Director Tony DiMarco. You’ve made a few movies for him. Is that how you got your start? (talk about how you got into the biz, and your movies)

EG: I actually first got my start with Lucas Entertainment with the infamous Michael Lucas. I first met Michael in his office in NYC when I took my nephew to New York for his first time. I actually asked my him to wait outside while I was upstairs doing my “interview.” The normal stuff I guess, asking fantasies, fetishes and of course stand up and get hard. That was easy, so I did. Few months later I was cast in Lucas’ Manhattan Heat my first starring role with Wilfried Knight, another amazing guy, this was also where I began working with Tony DiMarco; I’ve always had a very comfortable and fun time with Tony. He makes it easy somehow. A couple years later I was featured in Lucas’ La Dolce Vita. That was a lot of fun. For the first time, I got to experience walking the runway with a crowd of people, having stylists ripping off my clothes cause there was only 2.5 mins between walks the makeup artists everything was awesome. Especially the Dolce & Gabbana. I’ve starred in Fire Island Cruising 7&8, where I was cast as the slutty boyfriend who slept with everyone. LOL Looking back to most or all the movies I’ve done, I’ve always been the whore. Hmmmm.

SC: You were recently on Howard Stern! That sounds exciting… what was it like?

EG: Awesome. That’s the only word I can think of cause everything was so surreal. Initially what I went on the show for was to get waxed on air. Before they threw me on the table and poured wax on my balls, I was taking phone calls on the air about being a pornstar. People were asking what’s it’s like, how can you have sex in front of other people, how big my dick is. I spoke about which companies I have worked for in the past and the movies I have just finished. So I got a good amount of time on air. Then thrown on the table. Gotta say, didn’t hurt a fuckin’ bit. Highly recommend it to you guys who like it all smooth down south.

SC: What’s an average day in the life like for you? What are you up to when you’re not making porn?

EG: My life is craziness all the time, and I love it. I am a haircolor specialist and fusion hair extension specialist so I work in a salon with a lot of crazy bitches all day. My salon is in Jersey, and if any of yas have watched Housewives of New Jersey, ya know what kind of clientele I have to deal with. Maybe that’s why I’m such a bitch. Other than work, I like to go to the Shore, Sandy Hook it’s a nude beach not much of a tan line person. I go into the city, big people watcher here. Go sit at a coffee shop or chill in Rittenhouse Square. I guess that’s really it, I work so much that right now it has consumed my life and days off I usually go to the shore. Come and meet me at Sandy Hook for everyone up in the NE.

SC: What’s usually going through your mind right before you climax?

EG: Ok, this is a secret…Shhhh. Yeah, I’m a top, sometimes I’m a bottom, but right before I climax my eyes are closed and think about this hot muscle guy fucking my brains out, licking the sweat off hit body, pits, and anywhere else I could. So that’s it. I’m hard as a fucking rock now.

SC: Personal question: off camera what makes your heart skip a beat?

EG: I have this straight friend of mine Kenny, who likes to go to the gym and then come and show off. He walks in, the sweat glistening off his tattooed arms, tank and his sweats. Shaved head, dark hair those blue eyes make you melt. And of course he’s always hot, so he usually sits around in his boxers. That makes my heart skip a beat, I think it would to anyone.

SC: Idiot Question: If I were an animal I’d be a most like a (blank) because…

EG: This is an easy one, a rabbit. I like to fuck, I like to fuck hard, and I like to a lot. Oh and a horse, cause I’m hung like one.

SC: It’s true, it’s all true!

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