Gay Porn Star Spotlight – Tris Roberts

For this weeks’ model spotlight, we’re focusing on Tris Roberts who makes his Falcon debut in the recent Mustang release, Manhole 2 (MVP100) in both a scorching 3-way with Shawn Hunter and Damien Holt as well as in the hot web-only watersports scene with Hunter.

Read the interview and check out some more pics of this stud after the jump…

Falcon: How did you get started in the business of porn?

Tris: I started working with Chaosmen, which sparked an interest and I submitted my info to other studios.

F:  And have your friends and family been supportive? Do they know?

Tris: Yes! My twin brother doesn’t mind.

F: Wow, you’re a twin? Identical or fraternal?

T: We’re identical. But don’t get any ideas, hehe. We’re not performing together. [Laughs]

F:  Perish the thought! It hadn’t even occurred to me. Much. Okay a little…but anyway, moving on…What sort of scene do you prefer to film?

T: I like all types. Anything but vanilla that is.

F: Judging from your piss scene with Shawn Hunter, you’re obviously into some kink. What sort of fetishes do you have?

T: Hmm…I love leather, gangbangs…Love to blindfolded and fucked anonymously. Undergear, like jockstraps, spandex…Anything that makes a man’s ass and cock stand out.

F: Are there any performers you’d like to work with?

T: Oh god…too many to list actually, hahaha. I could go on and on.

F: Are you currently single?

T: No, I’ve been dating someone for over a year.

F: What traits about a guy turn you on the most?

T: I notice a guys’ smile first and his build. I tend to go for well-hung and athletic guys.


F: What do you do for fun?

T: I love swimming and I dabble in photography. Other than that I hang  out with friend and do dinner or drinks. Dancing is fun  too.

F: Do you remember the name of the first porn  you  ever watched?

T: Yeah…it was called “The Invisible Woman” I believe. Straight porn. I was 9 or 10-ish I think.

F: What’s your favorite food to eat when you just want to pig out?

T: Sushi. Oh and chocolate cake. Oooh, I love a bit of cake.


F: And what would you say is your favorite cocktail?

T: Crown on the rocks probably.

F:  Excellent. Thanks for chatting with us today, Tris!

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