Green Door Production Blog Pt. 3

Part III

‘Green Door’ ships August 4th! Click here to reserve your copy!

The Interviews
Luke Riley

SC: This scene is first time I worked with you, though I had been trying to get you for months! Your sexual role is a kid who’s desperate to get into the club. Tell us about your scene with Zak Spears!

LR: My scene with Zak went great. Hes a hot daddy we had great chemistry on set so we rocked it.

SC: Have you ever fucked a guy to get into a club? or to get something you wanted?

LR: Well maybe… Of course I have. I have no fake ID so I gotta get my ass in someway. LOL! cant wait till my next birthday! URGH!

SC: There’s so many reasons to love you, you’re smoking hot… a great performer, you have a big thick meaty cock for such a youngin’! Why did you get into porn, how old were you when you started? How old are you now?

LR: I started doing porn at the age of 18. I now am curently 20 years old been doing this for about 3 years now and i am growing physicaly and mentaly each and evey year its been great. I started thinking about doing porn around 17 1/2 I was fucking around with some of the gay men in my area and relized sex was just something that came 2nd nature to me. Plus most of the time I had more dick than alot of them so I figured might as well put it to use. I went to the club about 2 weeks after my 18th birthday and my friend introduced me to his friend Tristan Tucker and I asked for his agents number and badaboom I sent my pictures to the agent and was booked a month latter for Jocks Russian River and that was my 1st movie ever. Right out of the bible belt I headed to california not knowing what to expect but all i knew was excited to finally get out of ohio. I moved to flordia after my 1st shoot and have never moved back. I have had a blast meeting all the great people in the industry. OH and meeting all the haters to. I didnt want to forget anyone. I love to have sex and I love more to get paid for it.

SC: What are you up to when you are not making movies?

LR: I spend my time working out, Fishing, Paddle Ball aka CrackerBall, Painting and much much more. I am an open guy i like to do everything from boating to cleaning. LOL!

SC: I’ve cast you twice as a bottom boy but speaking from experience you throw a meaty fuck! Do you think you age gets you typecast?

LR: Sometimes I do feel that people typecast me as being the designated bottom. I’m open… I enjoy bottoming just as much as fucking a hot ass such as yours. 🙂 I’m a power versatile! woot woot!

SC: What’s usually going through your mind right before you climax?

LR: On camera whats usually goin through my head right before my climax it would have to be the money I make sure I get it done and done well. Off camera whats usually goin through my head right before my climax it would have to be a big fat cock in my mouth and balls in my hands and a ass in my face.

SC: Personal question: off camera what makes your heart skip a beat?

LR: When someone takes controll of my ass and shows me dominance and pounds me till I bust all over the place.

SC: Idiot Question: If I were an animal I’d be a most like a (blank) because…

LR: If I were a animal I’d be a most like a timber wolf beceause im stealthy like a wolf I like to eat, fuck, and I could use the bathroom any place i wanted. They are dominant creatures who are agressive but also submissive.

SC: What’s next for you?

LR: I had a great part in Mustang’s ‘Dirty!’. It has an amazing cast and crew. I loved that its all outside the view was amazing plus I got to play in the mud. I loved it. I got to get some target practice in with the fishin’ pole while i was waiting on set. I all around loved the trip. You and Leif are great to work for and love the way you guys lay it out for us. You come up with great story lines every time. II had fun getting into character: A dirty white trash boy.

SC: Can we adopt you?

LR: Of course you and Bruno are very special to me!

SC: (He’s very special to us too, can’t wait to have you back, boy boy!)

Drake Jaden

SC: Introducing hot tattooed fucker, Drake Jaden! Is this your first movie?

DJ: My first experience in the industry was just prior to this…i got to fuck and get fucked by the hottest and nicest guy in the industry (next to you of course Mr. Cruz), Tyler Saint…doing porn for the first time was quite invigorating …and he definitely cemented it as one of the coolest experiences of my life!

SC: In ‘Green Door’ you are the bait to trap Nash Lawler in the bar. In life have you ever used sex to get what you want?

DJ: *laughs* ..oh hell yeah.. its always the first tactic I employ in getting my way!

SC: No doubt it works. I wouldn’t be able to resist!

SC: In the movie, you get cast as Nash’s bottom boy, but you have a really nice fat cock. Will we get to see you top soon? Do you have a preference?

DJ: oh well, thank you sir…LOL! I try… I love sex and so no I don’t have a preference! I like all positions.

SC: Your tattoos are beautiful. I’m a sucker for muscles and good body art. Pick out 2 or 3 of your tattoos and tell what they are, what they mean to you.

DJ: I have a tribal design surrounding an eyeball on my right arm. That’s my favorite. I’d wanted to get all tatted up my whole life and that was my first. My best friend helped design it for me. I also love the ‘pi’ symbol on my chest. I was a science major in college and have always been fascinated by ‘pi’. Something so seemingly simple that is so paramount in describing the phenomina of the natural world.

SC: What do you get up to when your not fucking on screen?

DJ: When I’m not working I try to travel as much as possible. I love seeing new places and developing a sense of cultural, and a “worldly” self. I love all the outdoor crap too: white water rafting, canyon rapelling..etc. AND I hit the gym as much as possible.

SC: DUH! Look at that body, its insane!

SC: What’s usually going through your mind right before you climax?

DJ: I have severe ADHD so, at any given time it could be a million random different things! I dont know?? *Oh my god this feels so good…* why is Steve Cruz making that face?…*oh look the wall is green!*

SC: Personal question: off camera what makes your heart skip a beat?

DJ: Inadequate electrical conduction through my Purkinje fibers!

SC: Touché!

SC: Idiot Question for a brilliant boy: If I were an animal I’d be a most like a (blank) because…

DJ: If I were an animal I’d be most like an Okapi because they’re cooooool!

SC: What’s next for you? Will we see more of you? how do your new fans get in touch with you?

DJ: I’ve been doing alot since ‘Green Door’ and have got plenty of new roles up and coming… The myspace/facebook pages will be coming soon once I find time to stop being lazy!

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‘Green Door’ ships August 4th! Click here to reserve your copy!

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