FalconStudios.com Launches New Tour in Celebration of 45th Anniversary

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Optimized Tour Showcases History of Brand

Falcon Studios has announced the relaunch of FalconStudios.com, the world’s premier gay entertainment site. The tour redesign was planned to coincide with the brand’s 45th anniversary celebrations which began November 1st and will continue over the next year.

The new tour has been designed to showcase the premium content available to members in addition to celebrating the four-and-a-half decades of award-winning content produced by the world’s most recognizable gay adult brand. A newly optimized mobile version of the tour was also launched this October.

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“I’m elated to present the refreshed FalconStudios.com for the 45th Anniversary. I am extremely proud of the direction the Falcon Studios brand is taking and our upcoming content is among the strongest we have ever produced. We’ve reinvested in the brand, and we are committed to providing fans with the top-quality content featuring the world’s sexiest men,” states Tim Valenti, President of Falcon Studios Group.

“As the leading producer of gay adult entertainment, we know that today’s porn consumer is more discerning than ever before. The updates to FalconStudios.com and our focus on producing even better content have been made because we want to showcase the strength of our high-quality content, which is what sets us apart from tube offerings. Falcon Studios is one of the pioneers in gay adult entertainment. Our exhaustive library encompasses decades of iconic content, and we intend to deliver more ground-breaking and memorable movies.”

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Visitors to the new FalconStudios.com will find large driving graphics featuring some of the studio’s finest content and the magnitude of the 45 years of content the company has produced. During that time, Falcon introduced additional video lines that expanded its audience by offering different genres to the discerning gay entertainment customer.

FalconStudios.com offers content from every brand ever created by the porn powerhouse, including Falcon, Jocks, Mustang, Falcon International, Falcon STR8MEN, Guys Like Us and recent addition, Falcon Edge. In total, the membership site is home to over 2,500 exclusive videos, and the refresh enhances the content by making it the star of the user experience.

As a 45th Anniversary Gift to all our fans, FalconStudios.com is now 50% off for the entire month of November, and check back in the middle of the month for your opportunity to win amazing Falcon Prizes.

Falcon Studios has announced the relaunch of 

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