Gay Porn Star Spotlight – Luke Hass

For this weeks model spotlight, we chatted with Luke Hass, star of the recent Falcon release, Burning Desires.

Read on after the jump to find out a little more about this big-dicked hottie!


Falcon: Thanks for speaking with us today Luke! Tell us how you got into the gay porn scene?

Luke: An editor from Men Magazine saw me jerking off on a web cam and  told me  I had potential. He talked to some contacts and Michael Brandon from Raging Stallion called a few days later.

F: What was the first movie in which you appeared?

L: It was called “Trouser Trout”.

F: Where are you from originally? I would guess eastern Europe possibly?

L: No, actually. I’m from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! But I live in Providence, Rhode Island now.


F: Are you currently seeing anyone?

L: Yes, I have a boyfriend at the moment.

F: Do you think being in porn has had any effect on your relationship?

L: Not really, but it depends more on the boyfriend than yourself. They need to be able to understand that this is a job. If they do, then it’s all good.


F: Off the top of your head, can you think of a singularly memorable or hot sexual experience you’ve had?

L: Just one? Driving down a busy street, in the early evening with a friend, in an SUV. He pulls over, we get on to the back seat and flip fuck each other. It was hot because people would walk by the car and had no idea what was going on inside.

F: Very hot! What do you normally find sexy in a man?

L: I prefer smooth white guys. I tend to go for guys with blue eyes, nice lips, toned body and a big dick. You know, the stereotypical southern corn-fed all-American boy.

F: Do you have any fantasies or fetishes?

L: Yeah, I’d love to be the middle man in a 3-way with identical twins.


F:  Are there any performers you’d eventually like to work with?

L: Oh hell yeah. Mason Wyler, TJ Hawke, Kirk Cummings, Spencer Stone, Zack Randall. To name a few, hehehe.

F: Do you friends and family know about your porn work?

L: Pretty much all of my close friends know and they’re mostly very supportive. I even got one of them into porn and he actually shot for Falcon before I did! What’s up with that? [Laughs]


F:  What kind of thing do you do for fun in your off-time?

L: I hang out with my boyfriend and my friends. We like to travel a lot. I also enjoy photography.

F: What are your food and drink vices if you have any?

L: Well I’m one of those people with an extremely high metabolism, so I’m always pigging out on something, hahaha. When it comes to cocktails, I like a Key West Lemonade which is equal parts vodka and triple sec, a dash of Sprite and cranberry, with a twist of lemon. So delicious!


F: Just for shits and giggles, what would your porn name be if you combined the name of your favorite pet with the street you grew up on?

L: Haha, it’d be Puppy 22nd, which would be pretty surreal, but probably not that marketable.

F: Very true! Thanks for speaking with us today Luke!

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