Spotlight On…Vince Ferelli

For today’s spotlight we’re focusing on Vince Ferelli, one of the burly studs from the recent Mustang release Red Light (MVP098.)


Click through the jump for the interview and some more hot pics!

Falcon: So Vince how did you become involved in gay porn?

Vince: Actually, I was just bored and found a posting on Craigslist by my first scout in the “Adult Gigs” section.

F: Where are you from?

V: I was born in Danville, Illinois and now live in Indianapolis, Indiana.


F: Are you single at the moment or are you dating?

V: I’ve been dating a girl on and off for about a year and a half now.

F: Have you noticed a difference in your dating prospects since you started working in porn?


V: Not that I’ve noticed. I haven’t dated anyone new since I started.

F: Describe for us the hottest or most memorable sex you’ve had.

V: A good friend of mine, who was a Playboy Playmate, and I finally got the chance to go at it. We both found out that we both liked it rough, loud and dirty.

F: What kinds of things turn you about men, if anything?


V: I love how aggressive men are when they make out. Girls tend to be too passive most of the time, but men really get  into it.

F: Do you have any fantasies or fetishes? Be honest!

V: I LOVE going down on girls and burying my tongue in their ass. I have a fantasy about having a threesome with 2 girls or a girl and another guy.

F: Do your friends and family know about your porn work? Are they cool with it?

V: Most of my close friends know and they’re all very supportive.


F: Are there any performers you’d like to work with?

V: I would love to work with David Taylor again.

F: What do you do for fun in your off-time?

V: I go out dancing with my friends on Wednesday nights. Other than I spend a lot of  my time working out.


F; So what do you eat when you just say ‘fuck it’ and pig out?

V: Probably a huge burger from Red Robin, haha.

F: Finally, tell us something that we wouldn’t expect.

V: I was a genetic biology major at Purdue for 3 years and was going to go to med school to become an Endocrinologist.


F: Wow, how interesting! Thanks for chatting with us today!


  1. Jonathan

    October 4, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    Hey Vince,

    Great interview and look into your life. I have a question though. Have you or would you consider dating a man and living a gay life?


  2. Vennar

    December 18, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    “Have you or would you consider dating a man and living a gay life?” lol

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