Get Down in the ‘Deep Hole Dungeon’ with Club Inferno

Cody Winters’ Gets Fisted by D Arclyte in Debut Scene, the number one online fisting destination, announces the world premiere of the debut scene from Deep Hole Dungeon. Directed by Tom Moore,  the new scene, starring smooth sub Cody Winter and muscled sir D Arclyte, will debut on on January 26, 2017.

Blond and smooth, Cody Winter sprawls across a leather bench. His sir, D Arclyte, rubs his hands along Cody’s lean body. Their shiny black harnesses squeak against the leather bench as Cody rips off his codpiece to reveal his throbbing, uncut cock. D expertly administers a blowjob to his boy, then flips him over to eat Cody’s eager hole. Eager to please his daddy, Cody moves to a sling where he opens up his ass for D’s fat fist. As D slides his knuckles past Cody’s muscle ring, the sub’s moans get more and more intense. Every movement of D’s hand against Cody’s guts elicits gasps and yelps of mind-blowing pleasure. Faster and faster, D pumps his fist into Cody’s hole, passing his wrist. Passing his leg over D’s arm, Cody faces forward and fucks himself on his sir’s big fist. “You gonna come for daddy?” asks D. “Oh yes please,” replies Cody. With Cody’s hole gaping, D wraps his hands around Cody’s neck and constricts his airflow, and the feeling of being totally at the mercy of his sir impells Cody to shoot a massive, spurting load into the air. When Cody’s orgasmic moans subside, D asks him, “You ready to take care of daddy?” “Yes sir!”

“The amazing power dynamic between Cody and D makes for incredible energy and intensity in this scene,” states director Tom Moore. “And this is only the beginning: just wait until you see what we have cumming up in the next scenes!”

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