JJ Knight and Seth Santoro Dive ‘Into the Blue’ in New Falcon Scene

Tony Dimarco Directs Hardcore Action in Poolside Paradise

FalconStudios.com invites you to dive Into the Blue with a cadre of gorgeous men at a luxurious private pool. Tony Dimarco directs toned, horny studs as they suck, rim fuck, and shoot enormous loads in this tropical paradise. The new scene, featuring starring A-Team Exclusive JJ Knight with fan favorite Seth Santoro, debuts on February 10, 2017 on FalconStudios.com.

Underneath a bright, clear sky, with palm fronds swaying in the breeze, Seth Santoro dives into the cool, blue waters of the swimming pool. His pink speedo shows off his smooth, toned body. JJ Knight lounges nearby, watching intently as Seth swims his laps. A bulge grows in JJ’s speedo that can’t be contained: he whips out his hard cock and strokes it slowly, enticingly, waiting for Seth to notice. Slowly, Seth emerges from the pool, his own speedo displaying the unmistakeable outline of his boner. He walks toward JJ, bends forward, and wraps his lips around the sensitive tip of JJ’s cock head. As the sun shines on JJ’s abs, Seth works his way down JJ’s immense shaft, lubing it up with his spit. They strip off their swimsuits and share a kiss before Seth turns around for JJ to rim his tight hole. Bending forward, Seth pushes his hairy ass into JJ’s face while sucking on JJ’s massive cock. Spinning around to face JJ, Seth sits down on JJ’s meat. As JJ’s cock stretches and fills Seth’s hole, JJ begins thrusting up from below, pressing deep into Seth’s most erogenous regions. Standing up, JJ fucks Seth from behind. As Seth braces himself against the lounge chair, JJ picks up speed, ramming his enormous meat into Seth’s tight hole. Seth rolls on his back and raises his right leg to the sky, allowing JJ’s cock to penetrate deeper than ever. The sensation brings Seth to orgasm: jerking his cock, he shoots a massive, thick load across his furry stomach. JJ reaches for his cock and pumps out stream after stream of hot white cum right into Seth’s face. Drenched in cum, Seth pulls JJ close and exchanges a tender, creamy kiss.

“JJ and Seth don’t just fuck: they have hardcore, sun-kissed sex with style and class,” says director Tony Dimarco. “These two studs from Into the Blue get up close and personal with you in an elegant outdoor setting that can only be described as paradise.”


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