Micah Brandt and Brendan Phillips are ‘Bathhouse Ballers’ in HotHouse.com Update

Nick Foxx Follows Muscled Studs into the Showers for Intense, Hardcore Sex

HotHouse.com, the Ass Authority, announces the world premiere of the debut scene from Bathhouse Ballers. Around every corner there is another hot stud to hook up with anonymously in Bathhouse Ballers. Take a trip cruising through this steamy sex spa and find a baller to hit it with. The debut scene, starring fan favorites Micah Brandt and Brendan Phillips, will world premier on HotHouse.com on February 02, 2017.

Brendan Phillips hits the communal bathhouse showers to get cleaned up. Micah Brandt is already there, stroking himself under the water. Turning around, Brendan shows Micah a flash of his tight, pink asshole. With a devilish grin, Micah pulls Brendan close for a deep, passionate kiss. Getting down on his knees, Brendan gets a throat full of Micah’s hard, thick cock. Bending over a bench, Brendan shows off his tasty ass to Micah, who dives in tongue first for a spit-fueled rim job. Putting his legs in the air, Brendan strokes his cock as Micah eats his ass, depositing plenty of thick spit. Sliding his cock into Brendan’s ass, Micah delivers a pounding fuck that stretches Brendan’s hole. Doggy style gives Micah even more power to his intense thrusting. With Brendan’s tight ass on his cock, Micah goes over the edge and shoots a huge load onto Brendan’s ass cheeks. Micah uses his cock to smear his load around on Brendan’s ass, then kneels down to get a taste of Brendan’s load. Micah’s finger in his ass, Brendan lets loose with his hot, white load, which Micah laps up eagerly. Running his tongue along Brendan’s body, Micah works his way upwards until their lips meet and they taste Brendan’s cum together.

“There’s nothing like the thrill of a spontaneous sexual encounter in a public shower or steam room, and Bathhouse Ballers gives you a front row seat to all the action,” states director Nick Foxx. “The cruising is an integral part of the foreplay; Brendan makes eye contact with Micah, they show off their bodies, and then they come together for an explosive fuck session! Just wait til you see the big loads they shoot.”

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