Spotlight On…Jake Woods

Jake Woods is a fresh-faced cutie who will be appearing in two upcoming highly anticipated movies- the twelfth volume of the popular Jocks Road Trip series, which takes the boys to Lake Shasta (JVP135,) as well as the next Falcon title, Roughin’ It (FVP195.)


We sat with Jake for a bit recently and decided to take a more philosophical approach to our interview to switch things up a bit and to find out if this boy had brains as well as beauty. We were not disappointed!

Interview and exclusive preview pics of the two upcoming movies after the jump!

Falcon:  Thanks for chatting with us today Jake! How’s life?

Jake: Things are great! I’m very happy!

F: Good to hear, so we’re gonna try a different tack with our questions today. You ready?

J: Absolutely! Bring it on!

F: Great. Jake, what would you say is your idea of perfect happiness?

J: Haha, so we’re starting light obviously. Hmm…as cheesy as it sounds, I’d honestly have to answer world peace and love for all. God, I sound like a hippie [Laughs]


F: What is the one thing you fear the most?

J: Losing my mother. I’d rather lose my own life than to lose her. No doubt. She’s incredibly important to me.

F: What living person do you most admire?

J: Oh that’s easy. Again, my mom.

F: What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

J: Hmm…I generally like myself, so I’ll just go with a physical trait; freckles. I do not like my freckles, hahaha.

JVP135_D_005F: What do you consider the most overrated virtue.

J: Loyalty is the most overrated virtue.

F: Do you have any regrets? If so, is there one in particular that stands out?

J: I’d have to say coming out so late in life.

F: When do you think you’ve been the happiest, if you can point to a specific time?

J: The day I came out to everyone. It was just such a weight off my shoulders. I could finally just be myself.

JVP135_B_009F: What would you regard as the lowest depths of misery?

J: Abuse in any form, physical or emotional. Either being abused or being around people that abuse. It just sickens me.

F: What do you consider your greatest achievement in life so far?

J: Making it this far in life, honestly. It hasn’t always been easy but I’ve persevered. Aside from that I would have to say the honor of working for Falcon has been pretty awesome.

F: Is there one thing in particular in life that you most dislike?

J: Hah! Yeah, school. And I have to start back there again on the 7th of September. Ugh.


F: Who’s your favorite fictional character?

J: Probably Spiderman.

F: And finally, how would you like to die?

J: Uh, wow, that’s kind of a heavy question for a porn interview, haha. Way to end the interview on a bleak note! [Laughing] I guess I just want to die fast. No pain, just…DONE!


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  1. nicholas

    September 21, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    this guy is fucking hot..

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