Seed Money – Documentary about Falcon Founder Now Available

Seed Money: The Legend of Falcon Studios a documentary about Chuck Holmes, the founder of Falcon Studios and a significant force in the gay rights movement in the 90s is now available on DVD and download in the Falcon Studios Group Store. The documentary, directed by Mike Stabile, chronicles Holmes, who almost singlehandedly took gay porn from the back alleys to the mainstream and who was one of the gay rights movement’s most unlikely pioneers.

After a year of successful showings at film festival, Breaking Glass Pictures acquired distribution rights for the movie and produced DVDs which we’ve made available on the Falcon Studios Group Store. You can watch the trailer for the documentary here.

From 1972 to 2000, Holmes, who was sometimes called the gay Hugh Hefner, fought the FBI, vice squads and an epidemic to document the emerging gay culture, and provide gay men across the country with a vision of life that was unashamed and celebratory.

Seed Money discusses Holmes’ creation of a worldwide empire of flesh and fantasy and his unending contributions to gay pride and activism along the way. Chuck’s business brings him fortune beyond imagining and powerful friends, but when he attempts to channel his millions into a gay rights movement of the 90s, he finds that his money is sometimes more welcome than he is.

A number of influential voices from Falcon’s past and present as well as gay icons are featured in Seed Money answering questions about Chuck and retelling a number of turning points in the rise of Falcon and Holmes influence on gay culture.

These commentators including Jeff Stryker, Steven Scarborough, Chi Chi Larue, John Rutherford, John Waters, Tom Chase, Jim Bentley, Steve Cruz, Phil St. John, Terry Legrand, Jake Shears, Carole Migden, Ken Horan, Jerry Goldstein, Sabin Grey, Vaughn Kincey, Jim Hodges, Scott Pearson and Mark Leno.

Through these interviews and rare footage, Seed Money helps tell the story of one of the gay community’s most complicated … and least known figures.

Check out Seed Money today.

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