Erik Rhodes as Pop-Culture Icon

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So there I was, farting around the interwebs, when I came across a blurb for a recently published novel by Remmy Duchene called “Keep It In the Closet,” which I think is a gay-themed erotic romance. The blurb begins (I made a few edits for the sake of grammatical clarity): “Jason Higgin has very wealthy parents who are pillars of the community and having a gay son is just out of the question. When he comes out to them, they told him it’s quite all right, just as long as no one else knows. Jason settles for Erik Rhodes porn and brief booty calls out of town…” It’s illuminating that our boy Erik is considered enough of a known commodity that the novel’s core audience would understand the reference without explanation. Little cameos like these demonstrate when a porn model has crossed beyond genre fame to a broad-based popularity. I’m thinking of a similar cameo by Buck Angel in the novel “Michael Tolliver Lives!” by Armistead Maupin recently. Have you seen any others? CLICK HERE for the blurb.

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