Tristan Jaxx (Falcon Exclusive) and Antonio Madiera LIVE – FalconTV!

Be sure to tune into FalconTV Wednesday, January 23rd from 5-7 pm PST (c’mon – you can record ‘Project Runway’!) to watch Tristan Jaxx give studpup Antonio Madiera a

Tristan Jaxx (Falcon Exclusive) Ready for FalconTV Live Sex

Antonio Madiera Ready for FalconTV Live Sex

workout that will be so hot and memorable that YOU’LL feel like walking funny the next day! If you haven’t witnessed or heard about Tristan Jaxx‘ debut performance in “Endless Crush“, you’re in for a real treat. Not only does Tristan have a dick that even well-hung pornstars wish they had, but he also delivers such an ‘over-the-top’ (watch his scene and you’ll know what we mean) cum shot that at first you’ll be speechless…then you’ll be scrambling to find out when his next movie will be released. Well, scramble no further – “Rough Play” hits stores on January 28th and Tristan proves that he is well on his way to porn superstardom.

Joining Tristan will be the uber-cute and sexy, Antonio Madiera. Antonio knows a thing or two about satisfying a well-hung partner –his real life boyfriend is none other than the legendary former Falcon Exclusive Chad Donovan! Antonio has appeared in “The Velvet Mafia – Part 1“, “Hustle & Cruise” and a prior FalconTV with Falcon Exclusive Roman Heart.

So, why aren’t you a FalconXXX Member yet?

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