JJ Knight and Alex Grey Get ‘HOOK’D’ in New Falcon Scene

Tony Dimarco Directs Hot, Spontaneous Hookup Sex

If you’re horny and looking for a sexy guy to get with, FalconStudios.com invites you to open up your phone and get HOOK’D! Award winning director Tony Dimarco gathers the experiences of eight smoking hot men who use their technology to facilitate hot hookups, full of wet oral, deep rimming, intense pounding, and giant cumshots. The debut scene from HOOK’D, starring A-Team Exclusive JJ Knight with fan favorite Alex Grey, debuts on March 10, 2017 on FalconStudios.com.

With a flick of his finger, JJ Knight opens up his phone and discovers a new match: Alex Gray. They trade dick pics and JJ invites Alex over for some fun. As they make out, Alex gropes JJ’s bulge, and JJ grabs Alex’s perky butt. Getting down on his knees, Alex unleashes JJ’s massive dong and gets down on his knees for oral worship. JJ lies down own the couch and plays with Alex’s ass, spreading his butt apart, wetting his fingers with spit, and fingering Alex’s tight, pink hole. Putting Alex on the couch, JJ stuffs his face into Alex’s crack, using his fingers to push in the slippery saliva. Alex strokes his cock, and his low hanging balls nestle against JJ’s face. Alex gets into doggy style position and JJ mounts him from behind, pushing his monster meat into Alex’s eager ass. When JJ moves to lie down on the couch, Alex sits down on his cock, and JJ’s balls bounce as he thrusts into him from below. With JJ’s cock still in his ass, Alex strokes his cock until he shoots cum across JJ’s smooth chest. Kneeling on the ground, Alex receives a face full of JJ’s cum as a massive load splatters everywhere. They seal the deal with passionate kissing, cuddling on the couch.

“The technology that helps these guys get HOOK’D adds to the allure, excitement, and intensity of the scene,” says director Tony Dimarco. “JJ and Alex show just how much fun you can have when you share some dick pics! When they hook up, the sex is smoking hot, with palpable chemistry and huge cumshots to finish it off.”

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