In The ‘Dark Room’ With Johnny Gunn!

…from “Darkroom” co-director Steve Cruz;

Mustang’s ‘Dark Room’ releases this month!

Interview with Johnny Gunn

SC: This is your first movie you made for another company since your contract with Hot House, am I right? Did you have fun?

Johnny: Im not gonna lie, half way through getting pounded by the second cock I started to think, “oh fuck, what did I get myself into?!!!”. But for sure,one of my favorite scenes ever to film. I think because you are a performer/actor Steve, as well as a director you know how to get what you want out of your actors…..It was hard work but really,really fun.

SC: Who knew you were such a slut… Double Penetration?! Ever done something like that before? What was it like?!

Johnny: I think a lot of people knew I was a slut…You didn’t get the memo? DP is something I would fantasize about and love to watch on film. Never in a million years did I think I could pull it off especially on camera for my first time doing it. I think it was possible because I did a scene with Tim Krugur a few days before which is a double penetration in its self. I’d love to sit here and say that it hurt and that it was really hard to do but the truth is that it was pretty fucking easy. It was the last scene so I was warmed up by the time we did it. I highly recommend it!!!

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SC: How did you get into porn?

Johnny: I was sipping a cherry coke at a soda fountain in Hollywood when this very nice man came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be in pictures!!!!….wait that’s not it!! I always wanted to try doing porn, I think every gay man does. I used to workout with this guy Dax Reed ( ok fine, I was fucking him too) who did porn and he would tell me I would be great for it. So I had a friend take a few pictures. Then around the same time I started dating Nick Piston who reluctantly sent them into Steven and Robert at Hothouse. A few days later they wanted me to fly up to SF and do a scene and the next thing I know I’m an exclusive. It was pretty fast!

SC: What was it like to get recognized for the first time… or to have your first ‘fan’?

Johnny: I’m pretty oblivious to the whole “fan” thing. I was at starbucks and this guy came over and told me he loved my work. I thought he was talking about my tattoos and I proceeded to tell him about my sleeved arm for about 5 min. He just looked at me strange and was to polite to correct me.I figured out as I was walking home that he was talking about my porn work. I burst out laughing.

SC: Question #5 is an optional question that reveals a lot about the star! You can answer the question for the Sadist or the Masochist… Johnny answered the Masochist question… surprise!

Do you have fantasies of being held against your will, describe the situation:

Johnny: I think one of the things that attracted me so much to this role was the fact that I get abducted against my will then forced to take 3 huge cocks, one after another. I think Ive been jerking off to that scenario since I was a teenager. fuck, I still do.

The situation I used to always think of was two Hispanic plumbers or electricians would come to my parents house to do some repairs when I was home from school. I would imagine being in the kitchen where they are working getting a glass of water and hearing them plotting something in spanish as their rubbing their cocks through their overalls and staring at me laughing.

The next thing I know I’m being held on the floor being forced to suck on their fat uncut cocks. They flip me over and start pounding my 16 yr old virgin ass. each one taking turns as I’m kept quiet by the other ones massive dick. then they flip me back over and empty their loads in my mouth….. I’ve jerked off to that for yrs. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna do it again right now!!

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See Johnny Gunn get gang banged in ‘Dark Room’ this Full on the Mustang DVD! Or watch the online director’s cut and watch him get double penetrated by some of the biggest dicks in the biz!

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