‘ERECTUS’ Delivers Godlike Physiques in RagingStallion.com Update

Steve Cruz Directs Jaxton Wheeler, Teddy Torres & Ace Era in Monumental Scene

Raging Stallion, the brand that celebrates the rugged, natural man, debuts its latest release ERECTUS, starring muscle gods Jaxton Wheeler, Teddy Torres, and Ace Era on its premium membership site RagingStallion.com. Marvel at the virile athletic form celebrated as living art in this stunning, hedonistic Raging Stallion update.

Male sexual desire kept the ceremonial flame forever burning and director Steve Cruz invites you to the orgies of Ancient Rome in his monumental interpretation of the sexual appetites of Herculean men. The premiere scene will go live on RagingStallion.com on March 24, and the DVD and scene downloads will be available on March 31, 2017 from the Falcon Studios Group Store.

In the scene Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres face off in a Roman gladiatorial wrestling match wearing nothing but threadbare rags tied around their waists. After several sweaty rounds of combat, Jaxton succeeds in putting Teddy in a headlock and rips off the rag encircling Teddy’s waist, revealing Teddy’s hairy bubble butt. Jaxton claims his prize by burying his bearded face deep into Teddy’s furry crack. Knowing his place, Teddy kneels on the floor to orally service Jaxson’s massive cock. With his cock hard as a rock, Jaxton bends Teddy over and starts giving him a rough, doggy style fuck. As Jaxton rams his meat into Teddy’s hairy ass, Ace Era peeps on them from just outside the door to the chamber, enhancing the excitement of voyeurism by stroking his cock. Moving on from doggy style, Teddy lies on his back and lifts his leg over Jaxton’s shoulder. The thick, dark fur covering Teddy’s body is slick with sweat, spit, and lube. From across the room, Ace continues watching the action while working his thick shaft. Teddy punches Jaxton in the chest, urging him to fuck even faster and harder. The scorching hot action makes Ace shoot his wad, ejaculating a giant rope of white cum across his thigh. As Jaxton buries his tool inside Teddy, Teddy jerks his cock and shoots a huge jet of cum onto his hairy stomach. Jaxton pulls on and strokes out his hot, white load, which lands right on Teddy’s hairy taint.

“Jaxton Wheeler, Teddy Torres and Ace Era embody the physiques and the raw physical energy that I was looking for in this special project,” states award-winning Director Steve Cruz. “With the amazing setting and situation, Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Tores fully embodied the spirit of Roman gladiators taking that survival energy to an intense sexual level and delivering fiery action while Ace Era enjoys his voyeuristic fantasy come to life.”

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