Spotlight On Jeremy Fox

For this week’s model spotlight, we set our sights on an up-and-coming star of the forthcoming Jocks title, Road Trip Vol. 13 – San Diego, Jeremy Fox.


We caught up with Jeremy recently and chatted with him about his experiences on the set. Read on!

Falcon: So Jeremy, how did you get involved in the porn industry?

Jeremy: A scout for hit me up on Myspace when I was 18.

F: Where are you from originally?

J: I’m from Great Falls, Montana, but I live in California now.


F: Are you single or dating at the moment?

J: I’m currently single.

F: Have you noticed if being in porn has helped or hurt your dating prospects?

J: I haven’t noticed, but that’s because I’m actually choosing not to date while I’m in porn. I just think it would complicate both a relationship and my porn  career too much.


F: Well if you were to go on a date, what would you want to do on one?

J: Anything fun and interesting. Some sort of activity where we could chat and get to know one another.

F: How would you describe yourself on an online profile?

J: I’d probably give my stats; 6’0”, black hair, hazel eyes, slim swimmers build, 7.5”c. I’d also want people to know that I’m responsible and adventurous.

F: Would you say you have a favorite part of your body?


J: Yeah, my eyes. I love my eyes.

F: Sex or money – what’s better and why?

J: Money. Being broke really sucks.

F: Describe your most memorable sexual experience if you can.

J: Hmmm…well there were two blondes, skinny, tan, young and naked, all over me. It was so hot.

F: What do you find particularly arousing or attractive in a man?

J: Oh, the usual things. Nice eyes, great smile, fit. Someone intelligent and who can carry on a conversation would be great as well.


F: What kinds of scenes do you enjoy filming?

J: I’m pretty open, but I’d say I prefer just a traditional one-on-one. Groups are hot, but they’re also kinda sensory overload.

F: Are there any performers that you’d like to wok with?

J: Yeah, Dylan Saunders, Eddie Stone or Tory Mason would be my top choices.

F: Do your friends and family know about your porn work?

J: Some of my friends do and they’re pretty cool with it from what I can tell.

F: Do you have a favorite drink or cocktail?


J: I’m not much for hard liquor. I pretty much just stick to white wine when I go out.

F: Do you have any hobbies?

J: Dancing, working out, watching movies. Travel.

F: Finally, tell us something about you that we wouldn’t expect.

J: Well, despite my being in porn, I’m very, very shy. Super shy

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