Fetish Force Fucks the Police in ‘Cops in Cuffs’ on DVD & Downloads

Tom Moore Directs Kinky Roleplay Between Bad Cop and Hardcore Kinky Cruisers

Falcon Studios Group, America’s Gay Porn Company, announces the release of Fetish Force’s Cops in Cuffs. After decades of persecution, disparagement, vilification, harassment, and abuse at the hands of the police, it’s about time for these hardcore fags to bash back and put Cops in Cuffs. Renowned fetish director Tom Moore captures all the action as Max Cameron and Scott Demarco literally fuck the police, capturing Officer Kirk Cummings and teaching the pig a lesson he won’t soon forget. Cops in Cuffs is now available for download and on DVD today at the Falcon Studios Group Store.

Officer Kirk tries to arrest Max as he’s loitering in his favorite cruising area, but Max flips the script on him and locks Kirk up in his own handcuffs. To teach the pig a lesson, Max uses a paddle, a flogger, and his own dick. After using and abusing all of Kirk’s holes, Max calls up his buddy Scott Demarco to take over. Scott uses an assortment of massive dildos to stretch out Kirk’s mouth and ass, then gives him an intense pounding before cumming all over Kirk’s chest. When the pigs try to fuck with you, do what these punks do, and put Cops in Cuffs.

“Kirk Cummings turns in a master performance here, totally embodying the taboo enjoyment he feels at the hands of his capable tormentors, Max Cameron and Scott Demarco,” says director Tom Moore. “Kirk’s Stockholm Syndrome reveals that he recognizes the inherent moral ambiguity of his actions as a law enforcement officer, and offers his character a chance to atone for his complicity in an abusive, unfair law enforcement system.

Cops in Cuffs utilizes roleplay and power dynamics to create a visceral, cathartic fantasy for BDSM fetish enthusiasts,” states Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti. “When the tables turn on Officer Kirk, it may sound like he’s begging for release from captivity, but his hard, throbbing cock and gigantic cumshot at the climax prove that what he really craves is sexual release at the hands of Max and Scott. The role-reversal at the heart of this BDSM scenario makes us consider this key question: who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys?”

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