Fuck the Police – Literally – with ‘Cops in Cuffs’

Max Cameron Lets Pig Kirk Cummings Have It In Debut Scene

Fisting Central and Fetish Force, the premier online gay fetish destination, announces the debut scene from Cops in Cuffs. Directed by Tom Moore,  the new scene, starring kinky punk Max Cameron and piggy Officer Kirk Cummings, will debut on FistingCentral.com on March 30, 2017.

Twirling his billy club, Officer Kirk Cummings comes up on Max Cameron as he’s loitering in a notorious cruising area. Kirk moves to arrest Max, but Max flips the tables on him, slamming Kirk against the wall and locking him up with his own handcuffs. With no time to call for backup, Kirk is at Max’s total mercy. After forcing the officer to choke on his own baton, Max brings him back to a secret sex dungeon to abuse him further. Pulling out his hefty cock, Max pushes Kirk to the ground and fucks his face. Despite the indignity, Kirk can’t suppress his throbbing boner. Max then kneels down and wraps his lips around Kirk’s meat, using his expert cock sucking skills to get it slick and wet. Pushing Kirk down flat on his back, Max climbs on top of him and sits down on his hard cock. After riding Kirk for a while, Max turns his attention to Kirk’s hole, probing it in preparation for his next trick.

“After decades of unfair persecution against the gay community, this revenge fantasy gives you the opportunity to fuck the police – literally!” states director Tom Moore. “Officer Kirk thinks he’s hot shit, but he’s no match for the street smarts of Max Cameron, and he can’t resist the temptation to join in the fun! Just wait til you see what we have in store for Officer Kirk next.”

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