In The ‘Dark Room’ With Allesio Romero

…from ‘Dark Room’ co-director Steve Cruz;

Mustang’s ‘Dark Room’ releases this month!

Interview with Alessio Romero

SC: You’ve been very popular since we made Green Door, your first film… are you having fun?

Alessio: SI ! I mean YES, I am having a blast! Green Door was the pop of my cherry in Porn and from there … everything happen, meeting new people, now most of them are good friends, all the traveling/working is been awesome! Then “Dark Room” came! and it was FUCKING AMAZING experience! …you guys give me a sexy fucker to work with Mr Tom Wolfe, HOT! All that water and the light bulb! OUCH!

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SC: Who was the most fun to work with? who do you really want to work with next?

Alessio: Well they’re all different you know… Samuel Colt, Tony Buff, Paul Wagner, Big Cock Fabio Stallone, Antonio Biaggi, Johnny Hazzard not all at the same time! I wish …. wow that would be a fuck fest! I had fun with ALL !! But I really enjoyed Fabio’s Big curve cock!

I really want to Work with Rafael Alencar or Kyle King or YOU! You been always on my list …. lets do it Mr. Cruz !

SC: HOT! What was it like to get recognized for the first time… or to have your first ‘fan’?

Alessio: It was at Dore Alley it was really awesome knowing that people follow your work …then Twitter or Facebook. Then at Folsom and the madness of it , was more people knowing who I was! and right now on and off it happens… not alot, but is nice when somebody ask you…” OMG are you Alessio Romero??”

SC: I imagine many more people will recognize you after that great spread in the new Unzipped this month! The photos are hot! OK, next question: You have a boyfriend, Silver Fox… how is it managing a relationship and a career? Do you guys play?

Alessio: Yes I have Silver Fox in my life , which is been a blessing, Beautiful man outside and inside and hot as hell. We have the the best of the best sex. And we have the best of the best communication in our relationship that is our key of having a strong foundation and managing relationship and career. He makes me very happy.

About playing we had that talked before and we are open to the idea that we can play with other guys together , not looking for it … but I think sooner or later they would find us.

SC: Now that people know who you are, expect it. Does he watch your movies- does it turn him on or make him jealous?

Alessio: He do not get jealous. I am the one can get jealous! And that just my Latino part ( just for 5 sec ) and then goes away! At Folsom we were shopping in a porn store and they were playing my movie with Tony Buff and he would not stop looking at it, I was like “ok, babe lets go! BABE ??” …so he was waiting for the fucking part.. HE LIKED IT ! He got a hard on!

SC: The final question is an optional question that reveals a lot about the star! You can answer the question for the Sadist or the Masochist… Alessio answered the Masochist question… hmmm.

Do you have fantasies of being held against your will, describe the situation:

Alessio: Everything that is being held against my will … Sexually for me is fucking hot … just been held and tide up. I have plenty of fantasies one of them , I think you know this, I love group sex. Pig on board!

Well I would like to be held by black guys about 7 or 9?? Well, after 5 who is counting, with huge cocks!

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See Alessio Romero, a light bulb, a bucket of water, some bondage rope and electrical tape… I’m just sayin’… don’t miss it!

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