Interview: Iconic Director & Model Return for ‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2’

Iconic Superstars Dean Monroe & Chi Chi LaRue Return for Part 2

Two Falcon and gay porn industry Icons, Chi Chi LaRue and Dean Monroe sat down with us to discuss the studio’s movie event of the year: Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2. After working together on the original Heaven to Hell, shot 12 years ago and the continuation of that story today, Monroe and LaRue share some insights into the new movie, how the experience compared to working on Heaven to Hell, what it was like working together again and what fans can expect from their work on the new feature that’s the biggest Falcon release in over a decade.

Read the full interview below and see some sneak peeks into the action photos from the new feature. And, don’t forget to check out the latest teaser trailer (released today) on the feature’s dedicated web site.

HUNT: Chi Chi, what were the major differences between shooting Heaven to Hell 12 years ago and shooting Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 today?

Chi Chi LaRue: I think the major difference is the slickness of today’s filming. Better cameras…more attention to detail. Also, the original was a tiny bit campy with lots of bling and feathers and stuff, which I love, but I think this one is just a lot more realistic with some special surprises thrown in for good measure.

HUNT: Dean, same question: What were the major differences between appearing Heaven to Hell and shooting Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 today?

Dean Monroe: Well I guess the industry was in a different place, and I was in a different mindset 12 years ago. As you know, I would consider myself retired from the industry before asked to be part of this production. My main reason for this come back was the fact that Chi Chi said he wouldn’t do it without me reprising my role as the Devil. That set the spark off in my mind to prepare myself physically and mentally. I thought if they are going to shoot this, I must be part of it. The Heaven to Hell was so epic for my career and the industry, that there is no way I’m going to miss out. There was a fear that being back on set might be strange, but shooting porn is like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it. It always comes back to you. And, yes the industry has changed in the last decade but for us as models being on set and shooting the action is pretty much the same as it always was.

HUNT: Dean, did you approach the same role 12 years later in a different way? Did the new storyline change the way you portrayed the role?

Dean Monroe: I feel much more at ease with myself now. More relaxed, more self-confident and I’m just in a very chilled place so being back on set putting all the costumes makeup and accessories on then getting naked and having sex, all these things were much easier this time round. Of course, seeing all the preliminary ideas and images for the movie got me really excited. I just sat back and let the creative team do whatever they wanted with me. I really enjoyed the acting part of this movie and I made the most of it with my character.

HUNT: Chi Chi, how about you, did you approach directing Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 12 years later in a different way? Did the new storyline and newer technology etc. majorly change your approach?

Chi Chi LaRue: I never had really any intention of doing another Heaven to Hell after I started my own company, but it was always in the back of my mind hanging there and picking at me. I was asked many times by different people at the company, but I just wasn’t ready or the circumstances just weren’t right. As they say all the planets were aligned for this to happen, so I didn’t really have to change my approach! So many good things and so many good people wanted to be a part of this project, and it all naturally came together. I’m quite blessed!

HUNT: Dean, did you notice a difference between Chi Chi’s approach on Heaven to Hell and Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2?

Dean Monroe: The first Heaven to Hell had a very fairytale glamorous aspect to it. There were a lot of rhinestones and feathers and Prosthetics. It had a very Glam Punk feel to it. This time round Chi Chi has gone for a more urban modern fashion twist to the look of the movie. It’s more pared down but the performances are much more intense. It’s set in a more familiar City environment. It’s very Underground and gang like. But still very mystical. There are however a few props that have returned and I’ll let the fans try to work out what they are.

HUNT: You have a longstanding personal relationship with Dean Monroe, how does that change on set?

Chi Chi LaRue: It doesn’t change at all, Dean is my best friend and one of the greatest guys I’ve ever directed. Dean has a way of bringing such calmness and amazing energy to a set that everybody wants to work with him, even the straight guys. (laughs and Dean smiles)

HUNT: What about you, Dean?

Dean Monroe: Chi Chi and I go back a long way. We have been through thick and thin, good and bad together and there is a strong bond between us. However, when we are on set, things are very professional and he is the director, and I’m the model. I respect all his direction and requests on set as I have never doubted his ability as being one of the greatest directors in porn history.

Chi Chi LaRue: Thank you, Dean.

HUNT: Chi Chi, did you notice a difference between how Dean performed in Heaven to Hell and Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2?

Chi Chi LaRue: The only difference was 12 years! Dean gives his all every single project from something small to something epic like Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2!

HUNT: What can fans expect from Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2?

Chi Chi LaRue: Amazing visuals, scorching-hot amazing sex, spectacular lighting and production value. Having Michael Schmidt back to do his iconic wardrobing was something you cannot pay for. Michael brought items that he made for Madonna for god sake, so the level of production value in Earthbound: is at its highest!

HUNT: Dean?

Dean Monroe: I think this is a porn film like no other. There is a sense of drama of fear and suspense in the imagery. The digital effects being used have really elevated this movie to more than just a skin flick. It looks absolutely beautiful. Chi Chi has really outdone himself with the storytelling and visuals this time. As far as my performance is concerned I once again play the evil character but even more sinister. It’s a very modern and gritty twist on the original storyline. I think the fans will be surprised at how slick this production looks and of course the sex is as hot as ever.

HUNT: What was your favorite thing about returning for Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2?

Dean Monroe: It was exciting for me to return and work with some of the people that were on the original movie. Both cast and crew. At times, it felt almost like a family reunion. I remember the moment I saw Brad Patton again. It was like seeing a long-lost brother. And it felt very reassuring to be surrounded by the likes of Mr Pam, Tony Dimarco, Michael Schmidt the artistic director and of course Chi Chi, people all of which I have worked with many, many times in the past.

HUNT: What made returning to direct Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 so speical?

Chi Chi LaRue: The amazing teamwork and tireless help from an amazing crew and cast! John Hall doing the drawings each and every cast member, was an added bonus! Every one of those images should be on a T-shirt. (laughs)


HUNT: Heaven to Hell was the last movie you worked on for Falcon before you left and focused solely on your own production company, Chi Chi…how does it feel returning to direct the continuation of the story and working with Falcon again?

Chi Chi LaRue: I never really wanted to leave Falcon, but it actually was time to focus on my own company Channel 1 Releasing, which was and still is a big part of my life. It was the right time for me to return, and what a way to return – by doing the sequel to probably one of the best, if not the best movies I’ve done in my career.

HUNT: Dean, aside from porn, what have you been up to the past 12 years? Any passions you’ve been pursuing?

Dean Monroe: Yes, I’ve gone back to school and got my psychology degree plus a diploma in nutritional science. I’m about to launch a life coaching and wellness consultancy called GET REAL. It’s a passion of mine to help people mentally physically and psychologically find the power and strength within them to help themselves through life and Achieve great things.

HUNT: That sounds amazing. Do you see yourself doing more porn in the coming years?

Dean Monroe: I can’t really answer that question. The first time around I said never again, and here we are back on set shooting another epic movie. But for the moment I want to concentrate on my personal goals and if another opportunity arises, and I feel it’s right for me and the moment I would consider it. But let’s wait and see until that time comes.

HUNT: Congrats on the nominations you received for NakedSword’s Scared Stiff! What’s in store for you and Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword Originals in the future?

Chi Chi LaRue: Thank you! I will be shooting my first movie for Hot House the beginning of May. I also have another big Falcon movie where I will be sharing duties with the amazing Tony Dimarco, and also sharing the hot seat with Steve Cruz when we make a big epic extravaganza for Raging Stallion. As for Naked Sword originals, I’ve got a couple of really cool, funky scripts to do for them, but don’t count out Scared Stiff 2. I’ve got Jackie Beat working on that as we speak

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