Spotlight On Rob Romoni

For this spotlight, we caught up with Rob Romoni, one of the stars of the upcoming Mustang title, Adrenaline (MVP104.)


An industry veteran, having made his Falcon debut almost seven years ago in Aftershock Part 1 (MVP067) Mr. Romoni certainly has a unique perspective on the world of gay porn culled from his years of experience. Read on for our interview and for exclusive pics from Adrenaline!


Falcon: So Rob, how did you come up with your name?

Rob: Rob is my actual first name and I chose Romoni to reflect my Italian heritage.

F: How did you get started in the business?

R: I got started with it with my boyfriend at the time. We really just wanted a change of career and location. Porn seemed like a good way to accomplish that.

F: What was the first movie you appeared in?

R: I believe it was Colton and it was directed by Chi Chi LaRue.


F: Have you found in your experiences that being in porn has affected your dating life at all?

R: Actually it hasn’t affected my dating life at all. I’ve learned just to be honest with people about what I do so that sort of thing won’t be an issue.

F: Are you seeing anyone now?


R: I’m single right now, but I am very interested in someone.

F: How would you describe yourself on a dating or hookup website?

R: Sexy, sane muscle guy seeks hot fuckers for a good time. No games!

F: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

R: Yeah, I have 3 tattoos. 1 on my arm, back and thigh. No piercings though.


F: How old were you when you first had sex with another man for the first time?

R: I was 26 actually. I came to it late, but once I did I quickly realized what I was missing!

F: Can you describe your most memorable sexual experience?

R: Actually, interestingly enough, it was on the set of Taking Flight when I got to fuck Matthew Rush for the first time.

F: Do you have a preference on what kind of sex you prefer? Do you enjoy 3-ways or groups? Or is 1-on-1 more to your liking?

R: I like it all. All kinds can be hot, but it’s hugely dependent on the people and situations. All sex is good to me, haha.


F: What do you look for in a partner?

R: I look for a guy with a good sense of humor, with muscles and good build, who’s honest and sober, hahaha.

F: What is your favorite movie, place and song?

R: Hmm…for movie, I’d have to go with The Godfather. Song? Well my current fave is “21 Guns” by Green Day. As for place, pretty much any beach will do.

F: Finally, tell our readers one thing about yourself we’d never guess.

R: I am fluent in seven different languages.

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