Spotlight On Landon Conrad

For this spotlight, we take a look at an up-and-coming stud by the name of Landon Conrad, who first appeared in one of our FalconStr8Men episodes (FSM117: Landon Conrad Fucks Derrek Diamond.)


Landon will make his Falcon-proper debut in the hotly anticipated upcoming Falcon production, Morning Wood (FVP198) You can find our exclusive interview and pics after the jump!

Falcon: Landon, tell us how you got involved in the gay porn industry.

Landon: I have always been an exhibitionist and loved watching porn. Everyone would always tell me I should do it, so I sent my pics to Falcon and a couple other studios.

F: What was the first thing you appeared in?

L: I did a couple Falcon Str8men episodes then did a film for Channel 1 and just finished Morning Wood for Falcon.

F: Have you noticed whether your work in adult entertainment has affected your social or dating life at all?


L: My friends are all cool with it and I’ve been in a relationship so I don’t know if it would affect dating at all.

F: How big is that cock of yours? Have you ever measured it?


L: It’s 8” cut and thick.

F: What’s your favorite fantasy if you have one?

L: Haha, well I have a great partner, so as boring as it probably sounds, most of my fantasies would just involve him.


F: How would you describe yourself on a hookup website?

L: Like on Manhunt? Hmm…I’d probably just give my stats, that I’m moderately hairy, with a gymnast body. And of course hot with a huge cock, hahaha.

F: What is your most marked non-sexual characteristic?

L: I’m cocky. Very cocky. Wait, that still sounds sexual, haha.


F: Where are you from originally?

L: I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.

F: What would be your ideal date?

L: It would probably just be dinner and a really great, engaging conversation, followed by some cuddling perhaps.


F: What was your hottest or most memorable sexual experience?

L: Probably sex on a plane. Yes, I have officially joined the mile high club, haha.

F: If you could do a scene with any other adult film star, who would it be?

L: Well, my Str8men scene with Derrek Diamond was amazingly hot but I’d like for Brad Patton to come out of retirement for one last scene. He’s fucking hot.


F: What is your current frame of mind?

L: I’d have to say grateful. I’m always grateful for everything I have.

F: So what do you eat when you just want to indulge and pig out?

L: Oh god, I love it all. Junk food is awesome, hahaha. Pizza, burgers, Mexican food. I cannot resist a good sized steak though.

F: And finally, do you have a personal motto?

L: Yeah, you only live once so treat each day as if it’s your last and live it to the fullest!


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