World Premiere from ‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2’ Goes Live on

Iconic Chi Chi LaRue Directs Andrew Stark’s Return Will Give Away 30 Earthbound Prize Packs today announced the world premiere of the debut scene from the movie event of 2017, Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, featuring the return of hung exclusive Andrew Stark with sexy Trelino in an extraordinary acting and sexual performance.

Directed by the famed Chi Chi LaRue, in her Falcon return, and captured by award-winning director/cinematographers Tony Dimarco and mr. Pam, the scorching opening scene from Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 will debut on Friday, May 05, which coincides with the release of the entire DVD & downloads on the Falcon Studios Group Store. The remaining five scenes from Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 will be released in sequence every week on through June 2, 2017.

New and current members of will have a chance to win Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 prize packages that include a month extension to their membership, as well as an Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 DVD, t-shirt and collector print of the character illustrations. To enter, members simply have to complete the entry survey in the member area. The contest begins on May 4 and ends on May 16.

In the debut of the biggest Falcon release in over a decade, Lord (Andrew Stark) confronts Snitch (Trelino), it takes enhanced interrogation tactics to get him talking. Nobody snitches and gets away with it. You must pay! Lord spreads Snitch’s ass and has his way with it, using his tongue to prepare it for Snitch’s penance. Stripping off his clothing, Lord reveals his massive cock and shoves it into Snitch’s mouth.

With Snitch’s ass wet and Lord’s cock throbbing, Lord makes his move. As if possessed with demonic power, Lord pounds his cock deep into Snitch’s tight hole. Flipping on his back, Snitch works his uncut meat as Lord penetrates further inside. With Lord still inside him, Snitch blows his load across his ripped abs. Standing over Snitch’s face, Lord strokes out a massive, thick load that splatters across Snitch’s face. Now that he got what he wanted, Lord pushes Snitch down on the ground and leaves him.

“He’s back and badder than ever! Working with Andrew Stark has always been on my porno bucket list and he didn’t disappoint. Trelino and Andrew set The bar high and everything about this scene is top notch”

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