Spotlight On Luke Marcum

For this spotlight, we turn our lusty gaze at Luke Marcum, a hot young guy who made his debut with FalconStr8Men, and who will also star in the next Falcon title, Pledgemaster – The Hazing.


You can find our interview and more exclusive pics from the yet-to-be-released movie, under the cut!

Falcon: Luke, how did you get started in gay porn?

Luke: I actually just went to the Falcon website, clicked on the ‘become a model’ link and then sent in all my photos and info in to them!

F: What was the first thing you appeared in?

L: It was just a solo jerkoff session for Str8 Men. It was fun though.


F: So you’re enjoying it so far?

L: Oh definitely. It’s been great. I’m loving it.

F: Has it affected your love life at all?

L: It’s hard to tell since I’m still kinda new to it all. I’m honest with people I’m interested in and some have reacted better than others, but most have been pretty cool with it.


F: Are you dating anyone now?

L: No, I am currently single.

F: So if you had to choose between money and sex, which would it be?

L: Both.


F:  No fair! You have to choose one!

L: [Laughs] Ok, ok, I guess in a pinch I’d have to go with sex. It’s more fulfilling ultimately.

F: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

L Yeah, both actually. I have a gecko tattoo that was a gift from an ex and I got my nipples pierced on a dare, haha.


F: Do you have a favorite part of your body?

L: You mean aside from my cock and ass? [Laughs] Actually, probably my belly button. I just think it’s really cute.

F: Is there one sexual experience you can point to as being your hottest?

L: I had sex under a waterfall in Hawaii once. That was incredibly awesome.


F: What qualities do you look for in a partner?

L: I tend to go for athletic guys around my age with confidence and maturity.

F: Any particular physical traits you’re drawn to?

L: Oh the normal things, a good body, nice eyes. A good smile and the way a guys laughs are also really big things.

FVP197_D_006PRF: If you could do a scene with anyone you want, who would it be?

L: I’d love to do a scene with Roman Heart. That would be really hot.

F: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

L: Oxygen. Sorry, can’t help being a smart-ass sometimes. Um, really though, I’d have to say Gatorade. I’m addicted to that stuff.

F: What’s your favorite movie, place and song?

L: For the movie it would be What Dreams May Come. The place would be San Diego and the song I’m in love with right now  is Belief by Gavin DeGraw.


F: Finally if our readers wanted to get in contact with you, do you have a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter account?

L: Yeah, you can find me on Twitter. Just search for Luke Marcum,

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  1. Marc Porter

    December 19, 2009 at 5:44 am

    Luke is so freakin’ hot!!!!!!!!!!!!! A good find.

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